Henna has been popular in India to cover grey hair for ages. It is a natural and safe way to color hair. But many of us do not like the orangish tinge that it imparts to our hair.  Let’s try our good old henna mixed with new ingredients to give you burgundy to dark brown color instead of orange.  The final color might vary for everyone depending on […]

Color your hair naturally with Henna and Beet

This product has been reviewed by Steffy Patrick from Indian Curl Pride group. Thank you Steffy for sharing the products review !! Description by Nyassa: Nyassa conditioners provide intensive nourishment to the hair after washing. Two of the best known natural ingredients that helps healthy and luxuriant hair growth comes together in this nyassa hair conditioner, scented with a soothing floral, woodsy fragrance. Nyassa Hibiscus Conditioner contains Hibiscus extracts […]

Nyassa Hibiscus Conditioner Review

Here is a curl story right from the heart. Having met Nupur in person,  I can vouch for her energy, grace and spirit. And I can vouch for her curls, which shall not be tamed. Nupur Saraswat is a passionate stage performer, who brings dramatic hands and eyes to the stage along with her bold words. She is one of the finalists of Singapore’s National Poetry […]

Twisted And Mine

What I love about Curly hair girls is how we keep experimenting with different methods, products and keep trying new recipes. Many of us here are fans of homemade flax seed gel. But we always struggle while applying it in the shower. Half of it always goes down the drain.  So, here we are today with a new recipe of flax seed gel which is more spreadable and […]

Homemade Flax seed gel with Xanthan gum

Those of you who follow Right Ringlets Facebook page already know that I have been using Kinky Curly Knot Today for a while. I think it is time now to review the product.     What the manufacturer says: KNOT TODAY is a creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from thick curly textured hair. After washing […]

Kinky Curly Knot Today review

Everyone in the curly world knows how dreadful it may be to visit a salon for a hair cut.  Each of us has our horror hair stories to tell. Being a curly haired, we rarely have much support at many salons. Either they start selling straightening or smoothening services to us or they would tell you things like “nothing can be done to your hair”, ” the hair cut would not […]

Curly hair Stylists and Salons in India

Squish to Condish
We Curlies have our own curly world where we have so many terms and methods. Every curly head is different so that’s why there are so many methods to style curly/wavy hair out there. One such method is Squish to Condish. This method is quite similar to Super Soaker method in the way we use conditioner and water to create clumps and pump up our hair with […]

Squish to Condish method for Indian curly and wavy hair

Orange spray
Being a CG follower I know how hard it is to get CG friendly products in India. So, I am always on look out for homemade products that we can use to style or hair.  Today I will share with you a homemade styling spray recipe which can be used in place of flax seed gel to provide hold to curls. I had been thinking […]

Natural styling made easy – Orange spray for curly hair

Do you believe that we do not have curly or wavy people in India? People with Curly hair still accept that their hair is curly but it is not the same with people with wavy hair. They keep on living in denial that they have wavy hair and keep combing their hair to make it behave like straight hair. Today we have Swati sharing her […]

Girl with Wurls – Wavy hair routine by Swati

Continuing our series of sharing Indian curly hair routine of our fellow Curlies …Today we have Shubhada sharing her curl story 🙂 Like me, my hair always had a mind of its own. I was always frustrated because of the frizz. I was jealous of the girls around me who had naturally straight hair and in height of desperation, I straightened my hair. Twice. A year after […]

Indian curly hair routine – Shubhada