How to refresh curls on non-wash day

We all know maintaining curly hair on non-wash can be quite troublesome and we always end up tying our hair back or if you are a beginner in curly world then you are tempted to comb or brush your hair. Try my non-wash day routine to bring back curls to life on non-wash day.

Products used: 

Leave-in Conditioner – Alaffia beautiful curls curl enhancing leave-in conditioner 

Gel – Fruit of Earth Aloe Vera Gel 


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8 thoughts on “How to refresh curls on non-wash day

  • pallavi_proudtobcurly

    Hi Asha,

    What is alternative for hair that gets weighed down easily.
    I have long hair now. but my curls are not that dense. So if I apply aloe vera or any gel like substance it would get weighed down.
    Also I have very less amount of hair. So I don’t want the volume to reduce.

    Right now, I only use shampoo and conditioner and sometime vinegar rinse and nothing on non-wash days.
    What do you suggest I can use to refresh my hair and also to protect it from drying?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Pallavi, normal gels wont weighed down your hair as they don’t have no or very less oils in it. You can also try plain flax gel and do not add any oil to it. What you can try is Squish to Condish method to rinse off the conditioner and then apply gel. Once you scrunch your hair after drying it should not look weighed down. To increase the volume can clip your hair with small claw clips on the top while drying and separate the thick clumped curls carefully once it is dry or a diffuser also helps with volume. You try this thing first and please do let me know if it is working or not.

  • Archana

    Hi Asha! Great video! Thank you for all the content! 🙂
    I use water, Loreal Smooth Intense Condish as leave-in and then lastly Giovanni Sunset Lotion, on Day 1 and 2. Day 3 is either a tight bun or hair wash, if I can find the time.
    Wish you and all of us curly girls great hair days! Cheers!