The complete curly and wavy hair routine – Video Tutorial

This video tutorial has been due a long time. Finally it is here… yay!!! I really hope that it will help the beginners to understand all the terms and help them to style their natural hair πŸ™‚

I recommend you to use CG friendly products meaning products that do not contain sulfate, silicone and any drying alcohol. It really helps in maintaining healthy and moisturized hair in longer run. All products used in the video are CG friendly.

You can replace all the products used in the video with cg friendly products of your choice. You can also replace the gel here with homemade flax seed gel.

Here are the products used

Shampoo – Giovanni Smooth as Silk

Conditioner –Β Dalan D’Olive Conditioner Repairing Care

Leave-in Conditioner – Alaffia beautiful curls curl enhancing leave-in conditioner

Gel- Biosilk rock hard gelee (Used the old formulation. This products new formulation is not CG friendly and has silicone and drying alcohol)

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29 thoughts on “The complete curly and wavy hair routine – Video Tutorial

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Thanks Priti :). If you feel hair is looking very dry then you can also use some leave-in conditioner too with water. Oil use in small amount if your hair does not get weighed down with oil.

  • Sneha

    Hi Asha,
    This routine will work marvels for me.But it’s a bit time consuming.
    Could you give suggetsions or a list of available and affordable live-in conditioners in Amazon India?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Thanks Sneha πŸ™‚
      Sneha, you can use your regular rinse off silicone free conditioner as a leave-in too. Add some water to it while applying. In India we do not silicone free leave-in conditioner in the market. You can try conditioners like Giovanni, enliven, matrix, loreal, Nyassa etc mentioned in the blog list.

  • Kavya Bhat

    Hi Asha,
    I am a newbie to CG method and would like to try your methods.Kudos to your efforts in compiling things and presenting them.keep up your good job☺

  • Vidya naresh

    Hi Asha. Lovely curls. I am a newbie having very dry and frizzy hair. Well I plan to start the CG method from this week and see how it works on me. In the meanwhile can u please tell me what does plopping mean ( from the video). Also I have small small baby hairs which really look bad and they don’t seem to grow. What do I do for that?

    Also will applying gel regularly damage hair in anyway?

    Looking forward to your response.

  • Shrutika Umralkar

    Hey Asha! Amazing initiative and quite thrilling to see an Indian with real tips on wavy and curly hair. 😊
    I am not sure the question I want to ask is relevant or not, but should curly haired individuals oil their hair? Like an hour before taking bath? Our moms, Indian moms always tell us to oil hair, especially with coconut oil, to moisten our hair. What is your say in this? Should we? Or should we rely completely on our scalp to release oil? And does oiling make our curly hair any softer, smoother? And should we apply oil on the hair as well or only on the scalp?
    Too many questions I bombarded you with. πŸ™ˆ Haha, I am sorry, but it would be great to hear your opinions. 😊

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Shrutika, it is very good for hair if we oil our hair before shampoo especially cold pressed coconut oil. Coconut oil penetrates hair shaft and protect it from Hygral fatigue during wash. It also moisturizes hair and makes it soft and smooth too πŸ™‚ . But keep it at least more than an hr so that it has enough time to penetrate hair shaft. Mostly I apply cold pressed coconut oil only on hair strands and do not apply it on scalp. I do not feel the need of it. Also, my dermatologist once said we do not need oil on scalp as Sebaceous glands generate enough sebum for scalp.

  • Pallavi

    This is really commendable what you have done by starting this blog ! I never thought I would even think of rocking my curls ever in my life I get the confidence to at least start off with the CG method !
    Brilliant stuff πŸ™‚

  • Shruthi

    A very informative video, thank you for taking us through your wash routine. Question for you – on days when you have to apply oil or mask, do you wash your hair first and then apply oil/mask or do you apply it over the hair which has gel/leave-in conditioner in it. Also after oiling or applying mask when you wash your hair do apply shampoo and to scalp AND hair?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Thanks Shruti!! Ideally it is better to rinse hair before wash with water. The products (CG friendly) we use are easily removable from water. But most of us do apply it (homemade masks) in dry hair before wash. And if you are using a store bought mask then use it after the shampoo and co-wash and keep it for sometime. I apply shampoo mostly on scalp and let it run down through hair. But if you feel some build up on hair then once in a while apply shampoo on hair as well (but no need to do that regularly).

  • Shruti

    Hi! I adore your hair! Im new to CG and have began with Giovanni shampoo and Organix Moroccan and Argan oil conditioner. I have a very dry scalp and have always struggled with dandruff. I was using biotique shampoo before which controlled my dandruff between two washes. Changing shampoos and humid weather in Delhi has made my head very itchy resulting in dandruff. I oil my hair before wash once a week. Can you suggest me CG friendly products which will control my dandruff while enhancing my curls too?

  • Anu

    Thank you so much for this page. I am a newbie and just starting up with the CG method.
    I had a question and would be great if you could help me.
    So once I do get the curls right and use the pineapple technique, the next day when I go to gym I do have to type up my hair like a pony tail to the back. It ruins the curls. Is there something we can do about this? Also, I end up sweating with the workout. Should I then wash my hair everyday. I have very medium length hair and my hair type is very curly (less curly to the front as it is frizzy there). Please suggest.

  • Deepti

    Hi was a marvellous video..m also trying to start this..i having different type of query..m having curly hair n very fizzy but my daughter 6yr old having mix little straight but from front fizzy hair..can i use any product from this age itself….what type of hair care i can give to her for frizzy hair

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Thanks Deepti, are you using any kind of teeth hair band on her. then may be avoid that if it is causing any hair breakage. On kids we can only use a leave-in conditioner. Check kids specific brands like curly Q, shea moisture kids line on amazon. But those are imported products so little expensive.

  • Deepa Srinivas Chiluka

    Woww😍 Asha…you are just amazing.. I love your hair and the way you made people love their natural beauty.
    Very useful info..thanks for sharing❀️❀️