How to do it Revisited (for wavy hair)

Along with last week’s post to define curly hair, here are a few more tips that I want to share for wavy hair.

The amount of conditioner depends on the properties of hair like coarse/fine and dry/normal/oily.  If you have fine hair and normal/oily waves, then you should use small amount of light conditioner (or skip it entirely if you feel your hair is oily). Use lighter styling products that do not weigh down your hair making them look limp.

You will need to try different products to test on your hair to know which one works better on your hair and which one is weighing down your hair.

If you have fine hair with less volume, then after shampoo and conditioning your hair, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner, then dab your hair with a cotton t-shirt to remove excess water and finally apply the styling product. This differs from applying the styling product in soaking wet hair for curly hair as mentioned in my earlier post. Rest of the method (scrunching and drying) remains the same.

wavy hair (1)

Some people have straight hair on the crown and then it goes wavy about halfway like the one in the picture above. For hair like this, it is best to apply styling product only on the bottom waves skipping the crown area.

You should try and play around with these methods according to your hair type to see what works best for you.

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9 thoughts on “How to do it Revisited (for wavy hair)

  • Smrita

    Hi! I have hair that is between wavy and curly but it is very frizzy. I need to tie my hair at work and can’t leave it open. Can you suggest some ways in which I can do that without disturbing my curls. Also my hair is thinning in the front and my scalp is kinda visible. Will not combing my hair make it more apparent? Any way in which I can not comb dry hair and yet cover up the visible scalp.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Smrita, either you can make a bun or use a loose hair band to tie your hair without disturbing the curls. To cover the front part, apply the products in rake-in motion on the top hair rather than smoothing. Because when you smooth the product over then you get bigger clumps while in rake-in you separates the curls while applying the product. So, for thinning hair you have to compromise between curl definition and volume. Also you can consult a good hair stylist if she can suggest some hair cut to create volume at front.

  • Ella

    Hello! I’m gonna try it just as you said, maybe some another time and day. But I got some prob here. Could you please enlighten me on how/when to use leave-in conditioner? What I mean is, do I have to apply leave-in conditioner on my hair and then leave it for a couple of mins, after tht, wash it off, then next, applying styling product? Just how and when? Thank you.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Leave-in conditioner provides moisture to hair. As the name suggests we leave it on hair and there is no need to wash hair after applying it on hair. Once you are done washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, then to provide more moisture to dry hair you can use a leave-in conditioner before applying the styling product.

  • priyanka

    Hey hi,
    Even I have kind of straight hair on the crown & then it goes on wavy. I love my wavy hair & like to be maintained the same way.
    I like to have a wavy, bouncy, curly look always. Hence I have the habit of scrunching it with my hands always.
    Please can you suggest me shampoos & conditioners which are sulphate silicone free for my hair type. Im not atall fond of straight hair. So post wash I want my hair to look bouncy, wavy & messy.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Hi Priyanka, You can use loreal smooth as intense, giovanni conditioner, matrix biolage or dalan mentioned in the list. Shampoos from giovanni are good. Also, once you start the CG routine then after a few months your hair starts curling more with time. You can also try plopping your hair after wash for sometime like 10-15 min after applying the leave-in conditioner. And then follow it up with a gel.

  • Bhakti Deepak


    I am using Khadi Village India Shampoo. Ingredients include tulsi, neem etc, but it has a cleaner base which i am not really sure is a chemical or water based stuff. Are all shampoos of Khadi Village CG method approved?
    The conditioner which i started using was Dr. Batras, but it has a chemical ending in ‘one’ like you have mentioned. So i have now stopped using it and trying to find the right conditioner and right after wash conditioner for my hair.

    I have straight cum wavy hair near the scalp and loosely curly downwards. They get frizzy after wash.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Bhakti, Khadi products do not have complete ingredients list and they do not have very good reviews in our group. You should switch to other brands like dalan, giovanni, matrix, schwarzkopf, lovea, rustic art or any other mentioned in the catalog on the blog.

      • Bhakti Deepak

        Ok. Thank you for the reply. I will look for the brands mentioned. 🙂 I actually had brought the khaki shampoo already and then found this forum. Also in one of the links where the products list is put up, found one pic of khadi shampoo. But still wished to confirm. Thanks once again 🙂