How to start the CG method

What you need to avoid in a product

– Silicones, Sulphates, Wax, Petroleum Jelly, Drying alcohol like Alcohol Denat, SD alcohol. Refer to the list of Ingredients to avoid.

Determining a Hair product to be CG approved

– Below is some basic list of ingredient which you can refer.

You can also verify ingredients list using the below link.
Note* In original CG method many oils and butters are asked to avoid like castor oil. Because original CG method says to avoid shampoo (including sulfate-free) and only co-wash hair. If we co-wash all the oils are hard to remove. We recommend to follow modified CG method and recommend to include shampoo in your routine. If you use shampoo then oils in products should be fine to use. And you can use product containing castor oil etc.

Find your hair type

How you get started!

We recommend to follow curly girl method as explained in the link below. Follow to below step to start your CG journey.

First day of CG

Step 1: Clarify hair You will have to begin with a sulphate shampoo which is called a clarifying shampoo to clean the existing buildup and impurities. Important: This shampoo should NOT have any silicones. Now after this final wash you start your CG journey i.e no more sulphates or silicones in your hair products.

Step – 2: Conditioner Use a silicone free conditioner, detangle hair gently as shown in the video below.

How to Detangle Curly Hair

Step 3: Styling Styling is very important to get the right look. There are different types of styling products like a leave-in conditioner, curl cream, gel, mousse etc. Use them as per your liking. No matter how good a product is if you are not styling right then you won’t get the desired results. Remember to style hair in very wet hair to create better clumps and minimize frizz. Check out the complete wash day tutorial in step by step instructions.

Styling Routine with Ashba Botanics

How to Style Wavy Hair

Hi-Definition styling – Enhance clumps, miminize frizz

Second wash onward

Step 1: Shampoo Use a sulfate and silicone free shampoo to clean your scalp.

Step – 2: Conditioner Use a silicone free conditioner, detangle hair gently as shown in the video below.

How to Detangle curly hair

Step 3: Styling Use your favorite styling product. Description same explained in the ‘First Day of CG’ section above.

Deep conditioning

Deep Condition your hair once a week if your hair is damaged and very dry. Otherwise try to deep condition at least once a month or once in two weeks.

Step 1: Mild shampoo or use a clarifying shampoo if you feel your hair needs extra cleansing or use your usual sulfate free shampoo to clean hair.

Step – 2: Use a hair mask/deep conditioner Use a silicone free conditioner hair mask/deep conditioner, keep it for some time on hair before rinse off. Watch the video below to learn deep conditioning steps.

How to Deep Condition

Step 3: Styling Use your favorite styling product. Same as explained above.


Use a clarifying shampoo (free of silicone) to detox hair once in a while. Being curly girls we use lots of products on hair and sometimes sulfate-free shampoo (depending on the its formulation) is not enough to clean hair of different conditioning agents. When your hair starts to form loose curls and are more frizzy (than your usual days) that means it is time to clarify.

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35 thoughts on “How to start the CG method

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Co-washing is to wash your hair and scalp using a silicone free conditioner instead of a shampoo. But make sure the conditioner you use is silicone free other wise there are chances of build up. You can use shampoo once in a week and during the week co-wash your hair.

  • Jenny

    Actually i am used to applying coconut hair oil a night before i wash my hair! Will the co washing method remove the oiliness from the hair oil? Or is it not necessary to use coconut hair oil at all?

  • Jenny

    Actually I am used to applying coconut hair oil a night before washing my hair. Will the co-washing method remove the oiliness from the hair oil? Or is it not necessary to use hair oil at all?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      For me co-wash works even after oil but your hair may behave differently. So try it, if you feel that your hair feels oily then use a mild sulfate free shampoo to wash hair. Cold pressed coconut oil is very good for hair because of its triglyceride content. Even when you use essential oil, because of their properties they can provide great benefits to hair. So I would suggest to include oils in your routine.

  • Sandhya

    Hi, i read that oil doesn’t do any good for hairs bcoz our hair roots cannot absorb anything.
    And whenever i do oil message on scalp before shampoo, my hair falls a lot. Is dere any particular method of oil messaging for curly hairs?
    My hairs are dry, and i have dandruf also. Whenever i use oil, my dandruf problem increases.
    Want your adwise.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Hi Sandhya, hair oil like coconut oil, olive oil etc do penetrate the hair strands and also all the oils nourish the scalp too. Just dont keep it for long on scalp, as it may block your pores. During oil massage some people do complain about hair fall. The reason behind this is some percentage of your hair is in telogen phase (resting phase, read article on hair growth on the blog). So during massage these hair fall out which are eventually supposed to fall. Massage helps with better circulation on scalp and helps with hair growth. I would suggest you to use coconut oil on hair strands and on scalp you can use mix of different oils including essential oils. For dandruff you can follow homemade remedies like apple cider vinegar rinse, curd, lemon etc. Tea tree essential oil is also good to cure dandruff. always use essential oils mixed with other carrier oil (read article on essential oil on the blog) If it does not get better than you can use scalpe shampoo which you can buy from a medical shop.

  • Samdhya

    Thanks for ur reply asha.. M trying to read every article on this blog. So much information and very well explained. I wish, i would’ve found this earlier. Thanx a ton ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Anshu

    I always oil my hair before shampoo and i shampoo my hair twice a week. Will co-washing with silicon free conditioner remove oil from my hair? I have type 2b wavy hair. Pls suggest a hair care routine for my wavy hair. Thanks

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Anshu, it varies person to person. For some people with dry hair cowash removes oil very well. you have to try and see if it works for you. Some people who cowash they only oil their hair strands and skip the scalp.

  • Dhanashri B


    Is there any different routine for fine hair. I have medium-fine hair, straight from the top and curls at the end. every time i use a conditioner my hair falls flat and i lose my curls. Also when i don’t use a conditioner though my curls look beautiful, my hair looks dry. Any solution to work around this?


    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Dhanashri, did you try the Squish to Condish Method . Leave some conditioner only at the ends. Please let me know how it works. Also you can try rinsing off all the conditioner and then use a little bit only at the ends. Use lighter conditioners like enliven, Giovanni tea tree etc. Try to use a hard hold gel like enliven or Giovanni to keep the curls shape. Scrunch your hair a lot or try plopping during the styling meaning after applying gel. It will help you to enhance your curls. To pump up the moisture you can also add a little amount of personal lubricant like KY personal Jelly . It feels a little weird ๐Ÿ™‚ but many Curlies use it moisture their hair without weighing down as it is made of water and humectant (glycerine). You can mix half-half of gel and KY jelly.

  • Soumya shanmugam

    Hai very happy to be in this group…
    I was going through styling gels. i want to buy one.
    Whats d differnce for styling gel and Turbo charged hair styling foam….๐Ÿ™‚

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      The turbo mousse has very light hold and when I used it in wet hair, it did not give much hold. So I would not recommend this one. The gels give better hold in humid environment and better definition.

  • Dina Thacker

    Hi Asha I m traveling to u.k.and Canada pl suggest which brand shampoo whish is sulphate free and which silicon free conditioner and leave in and serum and gel to get define curls my hair is 3b type gets dry on the 1st day wash need to moist wth water 3-4 times a day Pl advice

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Dina, check Clore Beauty store in Canada. They keep many curly hair products brands like camille rose, curls blueberry bliss range, deva products, Taliah waajid etc. You can buy leave-in conditioner from these brand. if you need softer curls can go for camille rose curl maker, kinky curly custard and for better hold devacurl ultra defining gel or curls bluebrry bliss jelly. Shampoo and conditioner you can buy any from these brands.

  • jd

    Clarifying shampoo (Revlon Flex Dry and Damaged shampoo) is similar to using the solution mentioned to prepare in “Prepping Your Hair for the Curly Girl Method > 1st step (Clarify with a shampoo (for the last time) before beginning). Both serve the same purpose. Can I buy the revlon shampoo instead of preparing this shampoo mentioned in this website “”?

  • Niti

    Hi! I have crazy dandruff and dry hair. any recommended masks/shampoo for the same.
    I got Shea Moisture products for cg methiod (shampoo, conditioner, style milk and curl enchaining smoothie and cantu gel). Wanted to know which products/shampoos are good for final wash? and post final wash what do all do I use? the steps. Please help

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Niti, you can use pantene lively clean for final wash. After final wash you just follow the normal routine of washing and styling as I have shown in my videos. Shea moisture style milk is little on heavier side so use it in less amount if your feel that your hair is getting weighed down.

  • Prashanthi

    I had normal curly hairs but lost them after using hair dye…But once I stop using hair dye I get back my curls only at the bottom of my hair, the curly hair at my forehead has become straight due to hair dye. My hair has also become very dry I massage my hair once in every 15 days. Can you please suggest me some good shampoo & conditioner.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Prashanthi, you can try giovanni, rustic art shampoo, lovea shampoo. oriflame, dalan, Schwarzkopf that are mentioned in the product list. If you can find giovanni then can try the 2 chic range.

  • Ritu

    Hi Asha….your blog is really inspiring for the people who stop loving their hairs… And been into chemicals
    I also have wavy hair and frizzy at top and done smoothing few months ago only.

    I want to know that to start CG process I need to wait until my new growth comes.

    Or I can start mid way

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Sorry for replying so late Ritu. You can start using sulfate and silicone free products and no need to wait. Use homemade masks or store bought masks regularly. Just that you wont need to style hair as it is smoothened.

  • Ashwini

    Hi Asha .. I am new to this group .. My hair type 2a/2b and have lots of curls on crown part and looks dry .. kindly give some suggestions on this.. which shampoo and conditioner go well on my type of hair?? Currently I am using L’Orรฉal professional.. I would like to use herbal or organic products as I like in humid weather.. thanks

  • Durgakannan

    Hi asha..thx for adding me in the group…i hv posted my hair photo in the group..i dnt know hw to start…pls suggest me hw get rid of my frizzy uneven dry hair…. i dnt want too curly hair..i want just moisturize hair with no dry. ..if its wavy also no issues…pls help…

    DURGA kannan

  • Renu mohsta

    Thanks for letting me know about the right type of shampoo..I have type c2 hair.they are getting worst because of hsif color..hoping for the best.tganks