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Curly hair is naturally dry and hence frizzy. The most important thing for being frizz-free is to keep your hair moisturized. Moisturizing your hair is a never-ending task. Do not think that you will get once or twice a month deep moisturizing treatment done and your curls will be at their best. Most people opt for deep conditioning hair treatment at a salon unaware that […]

All natural home-made hair masks

Have you ever wondered, why some people have long hair and for some people, hair just refuse to grow beyond a certain length. Just read on to find out….     Hair is mainly composed of protein called keratin and has two parts. One part is under the skin called hair follicle. Second part is the hair shaft that we see outside our skin. Dermal […]

The long and short of hair growth

Today I tried the twirling method on my hair. Although it is a bit time-consuming (took me 15 minutes to twirl) but the results are very much worth the effort. I followed the twirling method in the video from SunKissAlba below. The products I used are: Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian keratin and argan oil ultra sleek shampoo Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian keratin and argan oil ultra sleek […]

Twirling method experiment (Day1 and day2 pics)

If you are looking for a product that suits your budget, provides nourishment to hair and act as a curl enhancer then answer to your quest is ‘flax seed gel’. We all know the great benefit of flax seed (Hindi name Alsi), how it is packed of omega-3 and rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. So there is no doubt that it is […]

All natural homemade Flax seed Gel for Curly Hair

In India, we do only one thing right for curls. Oiling our hair! So what does oil do to our hair and which ones are the best for hair? There are two types of oils. One that penetrates the hair and the other that do not penetrate and just form a layer or coating on hair. For curly hair, we should include both types in […]

Oils – Penetrating vs Coating

The best thing about curly hair is, to make the hair look good, you do not need to posses skills of a hairstylist. All the imperfections are camouflaged by the texture of the hair. You pin up your hair anywhere on your head, it will definitely look good. Seriously I am not joking, just try it your self. The hair style of the day is […]

Curly Hair Style – Twist Tuck Bun