Best methods of drying curly hair

Do you know what I hate the most about wash day? The drying process! It takes so long to dry hair and while your hair are wet, you are not a good sight to look at. The hair looks pasted on your face.
We can reduce the drying process using the methods below.

Use an old cotton t-shirt and tie it around your head following the method below. Plopping helps to increase the volume as well. Only drawback is, it does not work on short hair. You can plop your hair for 5 minutes to overnight. So try it out and find out how much time gives you the best results.


Best method to dry your hair is to air-dry which results in minimum frizz. But if you are in a hurry, use a blow dry with diffuser. Watch the video below to get an idea on how to diffuse hair.


Pixie Diffusing
This is another method using a diffuser. It helps to prevent frizz when you have to use a diffuser. First cup your hair in the diffuser bowl while the diffuser is switched off, then press it towards your scalp, now turn the diffuser on. Switch off the diffuser again while pulling out. Repeat the same the thing all over your hair.


Smaster’s Method¬†

This technique works well for shorter hair. Apply half of the product, diffuse until your hair is half dry. Wet your hands slightly and apply the second half of your hair product. Diffuse some more. Wetting your hand is necessary, otherwise it will pull individual hair away from their clumps and cause frizz.

Just play around using all these techniques on your hair for better curls. In every post, I suggest experimenting because no two heads are same. You are the one who knows your hair the best. Explore all the techniques or vary them according to your hair.

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