Get those clumps – Super soaker method

A very good look for any curly hair girl is when the hair clumps together to form chunkier curls which results in curl definition. There are two methods for getting the clumps. These methods are invented by not any hair experts but the people like us who fight every day to make their curls look better.


Clumped hair1

Hair strands beautifully clumped together


Super-Soaker Method

The Super-Soaker method is a easy method to get the clumps. I have tried this method and the results were fantastic.

  • Rake-in your leave-in conditioner.
  • Brush or comb in the products thoroughly using a thin toothed comb.
  • Create your desired part or placement of curls.
  • Brush or comb at the crown with an up and away motion to help encourage volume otherwise your hair will lie flat on the top if you comb your hair in the downward direction.
  • Cup your hands, fill them with water and gently scrunch the water into your hair to the point when it is completely soaked, do not scrunch it very hard and firm as this will separate the curls.
  • Scrunch the hair gel
  • Plop or double plop to help reduce drying times.
  • You can use a diffuser to dry.

Here is the video to explain things better.

Try out this methods on your hair to see how it works for you. You can even vary this methods or combine with other method according to your hair needs.
Like when you scrunch in your gel in super-soaker method, the top part will be not covered properly with gel, so you can apply gel in praying hand or smoothing motion.
The idea is to keep your hair clumped to each other. When you rake-in leave-in products in your hair, in the process you separate the curls apart. So make sure even when you rake-in, then your hair is wet enough to create clumps and you use enough products too to help in clumping. 

Let me know which method works for you best.

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5 thoughts on “Get those clumps – Super soaker method

  • DeLynn Say

    I have, until now, been unable to get my fine, high porosity, 3c (I think) curls to clump. I came across this page yesterday and took these tips home with me. I used this method this morning, basically as a refresh. The only product I added to what I had used yesterday morning was a little of my leave-in conditioner. I cannot believe how much better my curls look today! This method is amazing, thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to see how it comes out after a fresh wash and once I perfect the technique!

  • Shikha Osan

    Thank you so very much for this video! Will definitely try this method.
    But if you don’t mind, Id like to tell you that the running water did bother me. Just a suggestion- one can turn the tap on only when required…so we don’t waste water..
    I hope I didn’t offend you… apologies if I did…

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Completely agree with you Shikha. The video was made by someone else. But sometimes while making the videos you just forget a few common things. Happened to me once and I apologized for that. In real life I always take care of these things.