Twirling method experiment (Day1 and day2 pics)

Today I tried the twirling method on my hair. Although it is a bit time-consuming (took me 15 minutes to twirl) but the results are very much worth the effort. I followed the twirling method in the video from SunKissAlba below.

The products I used are:

Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian keratin and argan oil ultra sleek shampoo
Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian keratin and argan oil ultra sleek conditioner (rinse-off)
Giovanni Tea tree triple treat conditioner (small amount as leave-in)
Applied Homemade flax seed gel on sections to twirl.
After twirling, scrunched my hair with Giovanni La Natural styling gel

In the picture, I have not separated the chunky curls apart as she does in the video below. Later, I separated them and I got really good volume (not in the picture). In the second pic, you can see my second day hair, still good definition. So if you want curl definition for a longer time or for special occasions, then twirling method is for you.

twirled hair

Twirled hair – Day1


twirled hair-second day

Twirled hair – second day


Here is the video on curly hair routine using twirling method. Also check out the amount of products she is using. Using less amount of products does not work on curly hair. To really define the curls, you have to use a generous amount of product otherwise you will not be able to get frizz-free curls.


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