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If you have read my earlier posts, you know about humectants. So, today lets talk about their role in hair care products. Humectant Humectants draws water from the air and hence are used in the products to increase the water retention in your hair and skin. The water retention capability of these substances comes from the hydrogen bond that they make with water molecules which […]

Humectants, Humidity and Curly hair

One way of the most common classification method of hair is the Andre Walker system. This system is created by Andre Walker, hairstylist of Oprah Winfrey. Hair type classification is well described in the this¬†article. Below is the excerpt. Please note that when I say ‘curly’ hair in this blog, I include type 2 to type 4. The styling method that are described in the […]

Know your hair type

Here is an easy and versatile hair style video for curly and wavy hair. You can flaunt it at a party or wear it on a date. Check out the video and see if you still don’t think curly hair is a keeper.   Here is another video showing different hair styles for a casual look. My favorite is the pineapple one. Any kind of […]

Curly and wavy hair updo – Tutorials

Every shampoo in the market whether it is a normal shampoo or one which claims to be sulfate-free always contain some kind of surfactant. Surfactants are added in the formulation for their cleaning property as they act like a detergent. Their main aim is to remove the dirt, excess sebum and oil from the hair. As we all know, curly hair are already moisture deprived […]

All about surfactants and how to choose a mild shampoo