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When you go for a hair cut, what does your hair stylist tell you… “Layers”. What does that means? Are all layering cuts same? Are there a few stylists who tell you, “Ma’m, don’t go for layers. It will add up to your volume and your hair will look poofy”? And why does it look poofy? Do they just skip to tell you or they […]

Layers to manage your mane

If you haven’t still started with curly hair regime, here are some inspirations for you. You can see them flaunting their natural curls on and off screen. It is very hard to understand why people go for such damaging and harmful treatments of straightening when you can look much much better in your natural hair. This is the reason why I started this blog so that people […]

Natural curly hair muses

All of us long for healthy and lustrous hair as your hair is considered your crowning glory. How your hair looks on a particular day makes a lot of difference to your appearance . But alas, I remember in my younger days when I had a crown not of glory but of thrones. My hair was unmanageable with lots of split ends. To tame my curls, I […]

Hair Damage – Causes and how to avoid