Layers to manage your mane

When you go for a hair cut, what does your hair stylist tell you… “Layers”. What does that means? Are all layering cuts same? Are there a few stylists who tell you, “Ma’m, don’t go for layers. It will add up to your volume and your hair will look poofy”? And why does it look poofy? Do they just skip to tell you or they themselves don’t know? Are they trained to manage curly hair?
If you don’t get the layering in your curly/wavy hair, then there are chances that your head can end up looking like a pyramid. Layering adds volume and bounce to curly hair and it is definitely a good way to maintain curly/wavy hair.

I found a very good article on layers here. Just read it and get an idea what you can ask your hair stylist when you go for a hair cut depending upon your hair type. In free hand graduation cut, curly hair are to be cut when it is dry. But it is very hard to find an expert (or impossible in India) who treats curly hair differently. The best way to cut curly hair is, when it is dry. Reason being, every curl has its own shape and bounce. When hair is wet, it looks longer without any bounce. You wont be able to tell how each curl will fall once it is dry and how much it would bounce back. Here are more reasons why your hair should cut dry.

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One thought on “Layers to manage your mane

  • Preeti Vishwanath

    I have not met one hairdresser in India who knows how to cut curly hair. Everyone I meet tells me how straightening will help me! 🙁
    As a result, I hate getting trims. As you mentioned, curly hair looks completely different when wet and dry. And they always end up cutting too much. I try to postpone my trim as much as possible!