Indian wavy hair story

Indians are famous for their hair across the globe. Indian hair extensions are considered one of the best because of hair thickness, tensile strength and smoothness. Most common Indian hair type is wavy (straight hair with small wave pattern). It is very hard to categorize one’s hair based on hair types. Everybody’s hair is different. Even one single head of hair can have multiple types of curl and wave pattern. An easy method to identify your hair type is to wash your hair and detangle it while your hair is soaked with rinse-off conditioner. After washing do not comb your hair and let it dry naturally. The shape you get is your natural hair type.

Wavy hair is most likely to be confused with straight hair, especially in India as here straight hair is the most popular hair type. And with this in mind, comes combing, lots and lots of combing. Combing just destroys natural curl/wave patterns and so, most people never even realize the true potential of their hair. No more! It is time to do justice to your waves. Every curly hair routine that I have mentioned in the blog also applies on the wavy hair. Here you can see our wavy friend Manisha. She has hair of type 2b-2c. She now knows that she should not treat her hair like straight and followed the curly hair routine. So ride on your waves and catch it 🙂



Manisha’s combed hair (left) and styled hair using curly hair routine (right)

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