Heatless method of curling hair – using flexi rods

Everyone loves curly hair, who doesn’t? Curly hair is so playful and full of life that people can’t stop giving you a second look and envy your hair. People with straight hair can get temporary and permanent curls using heat or chemical treatments which are very damaging for hair.

Flexi rods are the solution for those of you who long for curly hair without damaging the hair. Even people with wavy hair can use them to get the tight curls and curly haired can use it to make their curls more defined and make it last for few days.

Here is my video tutorial on how to use flexi rods to curl your hair. I bought these from a beauty supply shop (The Beauty Shop/New Beauty Centre, Khar) in Mumbai. Find a store in your area which keeps beauty salon stuff or you can buy them on amazon, snapdeal and ebay as well. Your curl pattern depends on the thickness of the rod. Thick rods create loose curls and if you want tight curls then buy thin rods. It generally comes in set of 10 rods. I used 40 rods meaning 4 packets of them on my hair.

Things used:
Flexi rods
Giovanni LA natural hair gel (you can use any other styling product that provides hold to hair)



Flexi rod set

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6 thoughts on “Heatless method of curling hair – using flexi rods

  • Asha Barrak

    Hi Sushmita, you will not find them at health and glow stores. You can buy them on amazon or bay. search for flexi rods there. If you live in Mumbai then you can buy it from beauty shop, Khar or may be new beauty center shop. Or may be other beauty store that keep salon supplies.

  • Gunjan Gupta

    Hello Asha! Thank you for the video. I was wondering if they can be used on wet hair and then left to hair dry to get loose waves instead of having to use gel on dry hair? My hair doesn’t respond to any product unless used during shower.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Gunjan, I used these in the wet hair only. The gel was used so that curls can hold its shape for longer. Without gel or hold product they will lose it shape especially when you don’t have naturally curly or wavy hair. If you have natural curls and waves then can try without gel and see if they last or not.