It is all about the way you style

A few days back I was talking to a friend and we were discussing how people here in India need to be more aware about their hair types. She told me that she suggested my blog and the curly hair routine to a few of her friends. But they don’t seem much interested in trying out the routine. The reason they gave was, they think the people like us who wear their hair curly are born with different type of hair than theirs. And they think that our hair looks defined all the time and it is impossible that their hair can look like ours. Even though their hair type is the same as ours, but still they do not recognize their hair’s true potential and do not know how beautiful their hair can look if they follow a specific routine of applying hair products in their hair. It is especially worse with people having wavy hair (loose curls). They live in denial of their true hair type and keep combing their hair and think their hair is not curly!

Here I am trying to tell people that even their hair can look beautifully defined by just following a few simple steps. Some people give the excuse that they do not have time but trust me on this, it doesn’t take much time. It is as simple as your regular routine of washing hair with shampoo and conditioner. It just includes one extra step of applying styling products to your hair. By styling product I mean, the products that provide hold to your natural curl shape and prevent hair from getting frizzy, puffy and unmanageable. Styling products can be a gel, mousse, curl cream or any other styling cream that enhances your curl definition. It is all about how you apply products in your hair. It is as simple as that. Follow the curly hair routine and you will definitely have the beautiful defined curls.

I believe the main culprit which does not let you have the beautiful curls and hence leaving your hair frizzy and unmanageable is the COMB. Just throw away your comb today. This is the tool that makes us tie our hair in ponytail all the time and leaves our hair with no definition. Most people with curly and wavy hair in India comb their hair after wash once hair get dries. Here, you can see in this video what happens to your natural curls when you comb or brush it.

So, you need to follow the routine where you can keep your natural curls clumped together. Most of you must have noticed that your hair looks good when it is wet and once it is dry it starts to look frizzy and unmanageable. So, this is where you should start. Work on your hair when it is wet. Detangle your hair using your fingers in the shower after you apply your rinse off conditioner. Keep the conditioner for 3-4mins then detangle. Once you are done with detangling then rinse the conditioner off while massaging the scalp and without running the fingers through your hair for better clumping. After this point never touch the comb or run your fingers through your hair. Apply the styling product in wet hair using smoothing motion as I have shown in this video. Leave your hair to dry without touching it and once it is completely dry then give it a final scrunch. It is as simple as that.
So, start it today and I am sure you will end up thinking why you didn’t try this before. You will definitely fall in love with your hair which you have been hating so far. Here are a few members of our Indian Curl Pride facebook group who will definitely inspire you to start your curly journey.



Rekha – Before and After

Rekha with beautiful wavy hair has been following CG method for 2 years now. After washing her hair with shampoo and conditioner she seals her hair with different oils and butters like argan, jojoba or coconut and shea butter to lock the moisture in.



Manisha – Before and After

Manisha has been following the curly hair routine for almost 5 months now. She is also a CG follower but she does not co-wash her hair. Look at the well formed waves and you can see how much difference it can make. Doesn’t she have beautiful waves??



Charu – Before and After

And here is Charu with beautiful 3b curly hair. There is only 3 months difference between her before and after picture. Being a CG follower, she stopped using products containing sulfates and silicones and the difference is starkly noticeable 🙂



Deepthi – Before and After

Deepthi recently started to wear her hair curly and is getting along with the new routine. She is also very much into oils and shea butter. She uses oils before every wash and seals her hair with shea butter after the wash.



Amita – Before and After

Here is our enthusiastic Amita. She is very much in love with her hair and we all can see why :). Her hair mantra is, she uses homemade masks made of different mix of eggs, oils, henna, curd or anything whatever is moisturizing to hair before every wash and uses it almost 3 times a week. Would you like to best her????



Asha – Before and After


So, now you must have a good idea how beautiful your hair can look if a proper method is followed. If all of us have succeeded in getting you inspired to try out the method, please let us know.

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7 thoughts on “It is all about the way you style

  • Jayeeta Choudhury

    well a very wonderful post Asha. i have just stopped used shampoos having sulphates & slowly getting into the routine & i believe i am loving my hair more. i have a question. whether shea butter for skin & hair are same ? & where from do you people buy shea butter in india. actually on online majority are saying sold out & some are showing quite a higher price. can you suggest me shea butter available in indian market just like u have suggested sulphate free shampoos & silicon free conditioners along with other styling products

  • Asha

    Shea butter you can buy from ebay India. There is one seller Green junction on ebay, i bought it from there. It is always better to buy raw unrefined shea butter. But it can be too heavy so only a little amount would be sufficient. Also, you can whip your shea butter with other oils as well and then use it for skin and hair. Melt shea butter in a bowl while keeping the bowl dipped in boiling water. After it melts, add other oils of your choice and mix it using a hand mixer. mixing

  • swati bahl

    I think this is really commendable. I don’t know how to say “thanks” to you Asha , but after reading your blogs I have started embracing my self more. I literally had a fear of being curly and keeping my hair untied but now I have started my curly journey recently. Thanks for motivating curly girls because the curses a girly has to face can only be understand by a curly girl only. Thanks for being so nice. Hats off 🙂