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 Have you ever met a hair stylist who has not suggested that you straighten your hair? All hair stylists I ever went to, before I took charge of my curls, had the same thing to say, why don’t I go for straightening or re-bonding. There would always be a look of disappointment in their eyes after seeing my hair and such disapproval. It would make you think “why God..why me?”. On top of that, when you asked them what we could do with our hair, their answer would always be consistent “I am sorry, we can’t do much for your hair”. Then, they went ahead and gave you a cut that even you don’t notice, forget about others. After each visit to the stylist, I had to tell people myself “Look..look!! I have got a haircut done and their answer would be “Oh! really?”

Even after I knew how to properly wear curly hair, there was still one thing missing. A good “hair cut” that can enhance the beauty of my natural curls. After a lot of search, I got to know about Avani and all my image about hair stylists changed completely. Not all of them are the same, trying to tame our curly hair out there. So, guys you are in for a treat today!!! I have the pleasure of introducing….Avani!


Avani Yashwin with one of her cats named silkworm

Avani Yashwin runs the Happy In The Head hair studio which is in Bandra, Mumbai. She studied hair at the BBlunt academy in 2008 and has been happily cutting hair since. Continuing her passion with hair she started her own studio Happy In the Head from her home terrace in 2011. And after a few weeks of creative learning at Vidal Sassoon Hair School in London, she moved her terrace studio to Bandra. She has extensive experience with every type of hair, not only curly hair. Her love for her cats is as famous as her love for curly hair. Some people call her the hair fairy who makes you feel so comfortable in her chair and listens to your hair needs patiently. She is the happiest person I have ever met which makes her truly an apt brand ambassadress of her studio “Happy in the Head”.

Happy in the head

Happy In The Head Studio….don’t you feel…love is all around!

So, here is our very own hair expert today answering our queries in her own words. Thanks a lot Avani for taking out the time from your busy schedule and helping us Curlies. Muahh……

Q: What are your thoughts about curly hair?
A: Curly hair is so beautiful and has absolutely infinite hair possibilities. Just like straight hair. And I hate that often people with this hair type feel like nothing different is plausible. Because that is completely untrue.

You just need hairdressers to respect the curliness of your hair, and cut to enhance it and not take away from the amazing natural texture of your hair.
Know your own hair and your own mind and you can be guaranteed of a lovely overall look be it cut or color or both.
Q: What are the latest hair trends?
A: Not a big fan of “trends” in general because we alone should decide what we want to dress our hair like not some made up rules by the self appointed fashion police. Because trends can be against your individual style..isn’t it? So, because something is in vogue or not, shouldn’t be the reason we do it.The only thing you want to consider while getting a haircut is self expression. Does the haircut you’re getting truly reflect you and your personality ? 🙂

So whether it’s long mermaid curly hair or a curly bob or a cute curly hair pixie, as long as you want it – go for it!!


Magical layers…see the difference what layering can do in your hair

Q: There are so many technique to do layers so what should we ask a hair stylist if we have a lot of volume and what kind of hair cut can enhance the volume in less voluminous hair?
A: Layers is the definitive answer to all curly and wavy hair shapes. It can both add and subtract density depending on how the layers are cut and placed.

Essentially it’s what liberates curly/wavy hair and allows it to flow rather than be a concentrated triangular mass of hair .

You want every inch of your hair to curl and wave not just the bottom. This is especially true of people with a more opened out roller curl rather then super tight noodle curly hair.

So denser and thicker the hair, you can apply heavy layering techniques to reduce the volume. And if there is less volume, you can apply beautiful graduated layering techniques to add body and increase the overall visual movement.

Q: Should one consider his/her face shape while getting the hair cut?
A: Again, very personally speaking, this question is addressed in schools and salons world across but I find it super restrictive.

I described it in my own blog post a few months but to summarize I would say it doesn’t matter whether you are a pear shape or heart or an apple, cause we are people not fruits. The only thing that really matters is whether you want a style bad enough? Because only then will you wear it with an effortless innate confidence 🙂

To give you guys an example, I was often told by all hairdressers I went to that fringes or bangs won’t work on me because I have a small forehead. but i really got tired of hearing that and cut myself a fringe with craft scissors and I have had some kind of a fringe ever since.

So to me, the only thing to consider while getting a haircut is does it complement your natural texture and enhance it. You want a haircut to exaggerate your beautiful natural movement not take away from it.

Q: What kind of hair cut is complete no-no in curly hair?
A: There are broadly two categories of haircuts.
-One length.
So one length basically means all hair would be cut on an even plane. And this would to me be a complete no-no!! As it would keep the hair super weighty and restrict the bends and flow of naturally curly and wavy hair.

For example – an A line bob would normally be one length except shorter at the back, slightly longer in the front. So, if a curly wavy haired person wanted to get it, it’s totally possible it would just have to be a layered version of it. But essentially if you have a hairdresser that understands shapes, you should definitely be able to personalize a haircut. To break it down – don’t leave your hair on an even one length cut. Different kinds of layered and graduated haircuts works beautifully on curly hair.

Q: How often should one cut their hair?
A: As many times as one wishes to. Shorter hair requires more frequent haircuts as every inch is a different shape and can lose style pretty quickly. To maintain a shorter shape, one might want to cut it every 2-4 months.

On the other hand, if one wears their hair longer, you can get away without a haircut for long or because visually it will still retain fairly decent shape so every 4-6 months should be great. Two to three times a year. Or two haircuts and a trim in the middle. It all depends on the individual health of your hair. Ultimately you want to care about the aesthetic of the hair but more importantly – is it healthy and shiny.

Q: What is a good practice when you get the hair coloring done with minimum damage and without losing the curl shape. Also, dark or light colors, latest colour trends?
A: Hair color is fantastic especially on curly/wavy hair as it looks blended and turns with the hair quite magically. So as long as one uses phenomenal products and does not compromise on the right methods to achieve the result you trying to accomplish, there is no real worry.

Because unlike other chemical treatments, like re-bonding, perming, straightening etc that change the bonds of your hair. Color is not that intrusive. So, as long as one uses great color products, technical know how as well as perfect post color care, the health of your hair will not suffer at all.

Also color does not cause graying or hair fall. These are myths. Hair fall and graying are caused due to any /all of the following –
Hormonal imbalance, hereditary factors, smoking, stress etc.

Trends should not matter again when one is looking to color. What you really want to do is introduce colors gently so you can get used to seeing yourself with color and also ascertain for yourself how your hair feels, quality wise as well. But in general again, the colors should definitely reflect your lifestyle and profession. Certain colors may not work with certain work spheres. Also, if your work involves a lot of travel, it would impact the longevity of your color.

Dark or light hair color would depend again on what you are trying to achieve. I would definitely recommend extensive color consults with your stylist so you can come up with something that suits you. Dark colors, in general, would be more taming whereas lighter colors reflect light and add body.

Also coloring in a way that positively accentuates your haircut is always fantastic and adds another element of surprise and wonder. So, blueberry, violet or emerald. pixie bob or beautifully long, wear your hair in the way that it’s most you.

~ Wear your kaleidoscopic dreams in your hair ~

Happy curliness!

Doesn’t she explain it beautifully!!
Here’s some more of her beautiful body of work! Just keep filling our life with color and beauty.


Pink and Violet Ombre



Asymmetric short layered curly haircut. Super short pixie on one side and flirty slightly longer curly bits on the other, with some peacock feather like pieces of color threaded in between.



Curly layered emerald global hair. This color requires pre-lightening with bleach and also other colors like blues, purples and pinks etc. But as you can see the tightness of the curl isn’t lost at all.



Non-bleached beautiful magenta red/wine hair. Only bright color that catches on Indian hair without bleach.



Curly layered haircut picture. Most curly people are scared to get shorter layers but I think there’s nothing wrong with it. If anything your movement begins from higher up and it frames the face well. So, its versatile cause you can just iron the front section and wear it like a fringe. That’s the only limitation of curly hair i.e bangs would have to be blow dried or ironed.



A beautiful super asymmetrical and sharp curly graduated bob. Shaved on one side (undercut) and a classic layered bob overall.



Beautiful long layered, what we can call – “mermaid hair”. Here the layers can begin around your chin if you want to be safe or as high as the ear lobe. As you can see in the picture, where you layer from.. movement begins. The before picture is a classic example of how weight can kill the spiral nature of curly hair and make it appear just straighter and frizzy instead of defined curly. Colored in soft honeys and hazel tones.



Another example of colored curly hair



Example of getting rid of re-bonded hair. You can see how people with amazing curly hair get duped into doing this. The incredible curly hair that was hiding under all the artificially straightened hair.



Soft layered wavy hair. Here the movement is not tight but the hair isn’t poker straight either. So the same no combing + heavy moisturizing rules apply. Also an example of curly hair with bangs. There are a great way to change one’s hairstyle especially for people that don’t want to compromise on the length of it. But if your hair is spring curly, you will have to iron /blow-dry the fringe section. Or it’ll just look like shorter layers. So only cut them if you’re okay with the commitment. Another option would be to straighten only the bangs. Since it’s a smaller section, you can get rid of it once it grows quite easily.



Curly hair pixie. Can add tremendous volume and curl definition on finer hair



Short curly graduated bob. Classic as can get and no..you don’t need to straighten your hair to get a bob. Curly Bobs are amazing and workable. Determine the length that works for you depending on your comfort levels.



Curly medium length hair. Visual proof of layered vs unlayered hair. The massive difference it makes to your curl definition.



Curly medium length hair. Again, layered vs unlayered hair



A cute curly A line bob. She had never gone short with her hair ever. Every one told her it won’t suit her because her hair isn’t straight. Did you notice her in previous pic with one side shaved off.



A full head deep luscious Burgundy on this amazing noodle curly hair


Let this be your extensive guide for curly hair cuts and colors. there are still so many possibilities that you can explore with curly hair. So, let you spirit flowwww.

Do let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorites and share your plans on what kind of hair cut or color you are planning to get next.

Love you all

Keep Curling!!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Hear Hair Here with Avani Yashwin

  • Unknown

    Thank you sp much for this blog. I have unlayered 3c/3a shoulder length curly hair. Scared of getting.them cut because i do not know of any curly hair cut expert. This post was extremely useful to show examples of what exactly i want. Since i am not in Mumbai,Would be helpful if Avani could tell who i can go to in Gurgaon for curly hair cut.

  • Nisha

    I loved this post! Asha, your blog is super helpful and all us curly girls in India thank you! I will be Mumbai soon and will get my hair cut here. Will u ever consider getting your hair colored Asha?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Thanks Nisha!! I got my hair colored once around 2.5 yrs back from some salon in Mumbai but it was not a good experience. Because it was some shade of red which fades from hair a bit faster than other brown shades and also with time after a few months, hair started feeling dry. I wanted to get it done at least once and I have had it 🙂

  • purva

    hi,i am staying at delhi can u please suggest a good haircut expert for my 3a type curly hairs with full round face in budget.Is javed habib salon good?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      One curly follower suggest Martina Wu in Malviya Nagar. As I do not belong to Delhi so dont have any personal experience with her. I have never been to Javed habib also so cant give any feedback.

  • Renuka

    Hello.. Happy In The Head… Its very impressive and informative blog so far I have gone through.
    I need a suggestion for my hair. I have shoulder length lightweight curly hair and it get locks at bottom. So far I never tried any type of hair cut. I wana try a better cut to have a defined curls and make it manageable. Please suggest me to cut down my problem

  • Anamika

    I found the CG experience a bit late in life but better late than never! This blog has been a revelation for me so thanks… about tis post…Happy in the Head is definitely the best place for people with curly hair in Mumbai. They really know how to cut curly hair. They’re a great bunch and really enjoy what they do and it shows <3

  • Priyanka Chaturvedi

    thanks for a very helpful post… i decided to dump my bonded hair a year and a half ago and embrace my noodly curls… waiting for them to grow a tad before I take an appointment with Avani for my ‘diva’ cut