Nyassa Hibiscus Conditioner Review

This product has been reviewed by Steffy Patrick from Indian Curl Pride group. Thank you Steffy for sharing the products review !!


Description by Nyassa: Nyassa conditioners provide intensive nourishment to the hair after washing. Two of the best known natural ingredients that helps healthy and luxuriant hair growth comes together in this nyassa hair conditioner, scented with a soothing floral, woodsy fragrance. Nyassa Hibiscus Conditioner contains Hibiscus extracts and Moroccan Argan oil that helps nourish damage hair. Hibiscus extract is an effective natural hair conditioner and an excellent moisturizer. It also has anti-dandruff properties. Argan oil hydrates hair and prevents roughness. It helps restore hair luster and shine and is very nourishing for hair growth.


My experience

This is my first time trying a Nyassa product.

Recently I finished my Giovanni root 66 max volume conditioner and thought of trying something else. But because of urgency I restricted myself to products available in India as delivery from abroad takes time.

I was going through CG approved conditioners (silicone free) online when I came through this one. It claims to have Argan oil and Shea butter which are most sought after emollients for dry hair.

I have used this 3 to 4 times. It is comparatively thicker than Giovanni one and doesn’t lather much like Giovanni’s.

I find it moisturizing and it make my hair soft and frizz free. However I did not like its fragrance much (reminds me of Agarbatti).

Do I find it more moisturizing than Giovanni ? YES

Does it weigh down your hair? Yes, a bit. But that helps for the curls to stay in place.

Does it makes detangling easy? I found it less slippery than Giovanni root 66 max volume so detangling was annoying.

This is a picture of my hair without using any styling product to show the moisturizing of this product. I  applied coconut oil before shampoo, co-washed hair with Giovanni root 66 max volume and used Nyassa hibiscus conditioner as a rinse off conditioner.



Price: 600 Rs for 250 ml.

I hope this would help  the confused curl souls  in search of conditioners.

Availability: Buy it from flipkart and Nykka.


Argan oil, shea butter, hibiscus extract, sweet almond oil, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, e- wax, DM water, disodium EDTA, citric acid, brassicamidopropyl steardimonium chloride, beet root extract, hydrolyzed corn starch, vitamin E acetate, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiasolinone and fragrance


Ingredients analysis (done by Asha)

I am not too sure if the ingredient list on the product’s label is mentioned in the right order  (I have my doubts) of their actual concentration because shampoo and conditioners always have the water as the first ingredient. If it is in the right order then it has very good amount of argan oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil. Conditioning agent is mentioned after the citric acid (pH adjuster) so that means it is in very low concentration which explains why it does not have much slip during wet detangling.

Argan Oil: Natural emollient. Contains Linoleic and oleic acid which helps to hydrate and moisturize hair. It provides shine to hair and contains vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids that provide nutrition for hair.

Hibiscus extract: Condition and moisturize hair. Promotes hair growth.

Shea butter: Natural emollient. Rich in Vitamins A and E as well as essential fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals which helps to strengthen hair and helps to moisturize dry hair. In addition, Shea butter offers a low level of UV protection (approx SPF-6).

Sweet almond oil: Natural emollient. It contains a high concentration of vitamins A, B and E, omega 3, and 9 which helps add shine to dull and dry hair and keep hair strong.

Stearyl and Cetyl alcohol: These are fatty alcohols which work as an emollient and also to thicken and stabilize the product formulation.

E-wax: It is an emulsifier which prevents water and oil separation in the product.

Disodium EDTA: It is a chelating agent which reacts with heavy metal iron presents in the product formulation to prevent metal ions from deteriorating the product. It also helps to maintain clarity and prevents it from smelling rancid.

Citric acid: Added to adjust the pH of the product.

Brassicamidopropyl Dimethylamine: Primary conditioning agent of this conditioner. It provides slip during detangling. It is a cationic in nature and bonds with the damaged part of the hair which are negatively charged.  It has superior properties compared to other conditioning agents like cetrimonium chloride, behentrimonium chloride, and stearamidopropyl dimethylamine.

Panthenyl Hydroxypropyl Steardimonium Chloride: Secondary cationic (+ve charged) conditioning agent in this product. It provides conditioning, help in detangling, bonds to the damaged site and provides shine.

Beet root extract: Contains carotenoids which is beneficial for hair growth.

Hydrolyzed corn starch: It work as humectant and keep hair moisturized.

Vitamin E acetate: Here it is working as an antioxidant to increase the product shelf life.

Phenoxyethanol and Methylisothiasolinone: Both are preservatives.

Fragrance: For smell.


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