Curl to Curl Talk – in conversation with Anjana Muralidharan

Us curly hair girls in India share the same story of almost no awareness about managing our all-over-the-place hair while growing up. How we would avoid wearing our hair open. The constant struggle to keep our hair as close to straight as possible. Things are changing so rapidly today. For one, we are lucky to have so much knowledge on hair available online now. And also, today we have many Indian bloggers writing about curly hair and give guidance. These girls wear their curls so beautifully. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing one of the shining stars on the Indian blogging scene, Anjana Muralidharan who runs the Curls and Beauty Diary. We had a round of Q&A with her, let’s have a read…


Anjana with her beautiful tresses

Tell us about your natural hair journey
I was born with curly hair. My mom and dad both have straight hair so I have no clue how my hair ended up like that!

Early childhood was not at all a worry. I didn’t care about primping much. It was from my late childhood till the start of my college, that I absolutely hated my hair. I would go about asking people with straight hair what shampoo they used (ya, shampoo :P). I would keep brushing and combing it, hoping it would marvelously turn straight somehow. I thought of getting a revostyler.
Frizzy bizzy dizzy 😛

At the end of my 12th standard, I almost decided to get permanent straightening done. Thankfully I did not.

In college, I once got a really good haircut done in Cochin. And for the 1st time ever I saw my hair like I had never seen it before. It was not a frizzy bush, it was actually spring shaped. But nothing much had changed 😛 I was still absolutely clueless about how to take care of my hair. I started using heavy oils, sticky gels, applying products on dry hair (because there was no clear cut description anywhere of what I should really be doing. Or maybe I didn’t look hard enough). Learning about curly hair care was a gradual process which took me around 4-5 years. I read through curly haired blogs, tried the techniques and slowly began seeing the beauty that my hair is.

What is your hair type and what works best for your texture? What’s your current routine and products that never fail you (staple products)?
My hair is 2c which behaves like 3a as it grows longer. My curls are medium porosity and medium coarse. I love products that hydrate and define without weighing down my hair. One of my never-fail-me routines is as follows :
1) Prepoo with coconut oil
2) Shampoo with any sulphate shampoo (yes I love my sulphates and silicones)
3) Condition with Enliven using squish2condish
4) Scrunch in Cantu creamy hair lotion on dripping wet hair
5) Scrunch in Devacurl Ultra Defining gel on dripping wet hair
6) Plop for 30 minutes
7) Air dry or diffuse

What was the reaction people around you when you wore your hair naturally for the first time?
I was always natural – my change wasn’t sudden and so I didn’t get any shocking reactions. But once I knew how to take care of my hair, everybody started asking me where I got my curls done 😛

What do you like most about being curly haired?
Curly hair is so unpredictable that each wash day is like an adventure! And I believe each curly head is unique – no 2 curl patterns are the same.

Have you had any hair related issue at the work place/socially?
Nothing that I can recall.

What is your go-to style when you attend any events like wedding?
I wear my hair open 95% of the time. I love curls falling here and there.

Who is your favorite curly hair inspiration on Instagram?
Ayesha Malik (@spisha) – she is my latest #curlcrush!

Any words of encouragement for a newbie?
Every curly hair on this planet is meant to look beautiful. No exception! We are all born with beautiful hair. It’s the care that makes all the difference. “She was born with it” My hair is different”  “I would wear my hair curly if my curls looked like that!” “My hair isn’t curly, its just frizzy” “I don’t really have curl, just some unruly wave” are not acceptable excuses anymore! Come, fall in love with curly hair.

Thanks Anjana!! XOXO

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