Curly Hair Styling Routine by Pallavi Juneja (The Curious Jalebi)

And here is a guest post by our most beloved Curly Girl, Pallavi Juneja. We all adore her dancing curls and can never get enough of it. Pallavi runs The Curious Jalebi, a curly hair care blog. Today we have a chance to know the secrets behind her gorgeous ringlets and her styling routine 🙂

Pallavi with her gorgeous curls

My Styling Routine

Each of us know by now that everyone’s curls are different. From texture type, porosity, density and thickness to environmental factors to humidity & heat – one routine doesn’t suit everyone.

Part of the fun is to figure it out! Over the years, I have personally found that between STC – Squish to Condish & Raking in, I need something finer than just my fingers to distribute the styling products ( leave in conditioner and gel) in my hair.

My 3a/3b curls are also very thin and light & by using STC, the curl clumps are too big & makes my hair look limp & less voluminous. Plus, I get more knots (tiny, annoying ones) this way.

I follow the steps below in my styling routine that makes several thinner curl clumps, reduce frizz by 70-80% AND make it look way thicker that it is!

PS: If you have wavy hair (2b-2c), this styling method might not suit you.

Step 1: On wet hair (not dripping wet but not damp either) I section my hair and smooth down my leave in conditioner in a praying motion ( My current favourite is As I AM Leave in/Cantu Curl Activator). I then use a wide toothed comb, working my way from bottom to the top.

Step 2: I apply my styler ( usually Pink Ecostyler gel) in a praying motion again & use a narrower comb next.

Step 3: I take a t-shirt and scrunch the curls in an upward direction for 2-3 minutes.
(In a way I STC with a t shirt after I have combed my curls)

Step 4: If it’s very humid, I seal my hair with a light oil like almond or jojoba.

Step 5: I plop for 5-10 minutes.

Step 6: I either Air Dry or use my Curly Co diffuser on cold!

And done! This is the difference between my curls between STC and combing them through.

Thanks Pallavi for contributing such a wonderful post 🙂 . We can see a proper styling routine can make a big difference in our hair. Keep experimenting and find out what works the best for you!!! 🙂  🙂

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