Shingling Method for maximum definition – Video Tutorial

I have been wanting to try the shingling method for so long but it just takes a bit longer than rake-in. Finally tried it and found it the best so far for my type 3 hair. It resulted in less frizz and the definition lasted longer for me on the following non-wash days.

This method will give maximum definition in type 3 hair but I am not sure how this going to work in wavy hair. So, wavy hair Curlies, please give this method a try and please let us know the feedback in the comments below how it worked for you.

Only drawback of this method is, it takes a little more time. When I style my hair through Rake-in or Praying hand then it takes me hardly 5 min. But for this one I took around 18 minutes to style. But may be with time I will be able to do it faster and will use it more when I have to travel, want more definition and extend the wash days.

Products used:

Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk

Camille Rose Curl Maker (love this product)

Denman D3 Brush (7 rows bristles, available on Nykaa and Amazon). Less price on Nykaa. You can also try any other knock off of Denman like Kent brushes, or any similar type of brush with Nylon bristles.


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