Styling Glossary – For beginners

Here are most talked about styling terms used in styling curly and wavy hair. These are the techniques that have been used in all styling videos for curly and wavy hair.

Below techniques are shown in this video.

Rake -in – helps to spread the product evenly (creates clumps too)

Praying hands – enhance clumps

Smoothing – Enhance clumps

Scrunching – enhance curls for wavy hair during styling (when done in wet hair). Scrunch in completely dry hair to remove gel cast.

Scrunch & Pump – enhance curls for wavy hair during styling. Does not break clumps as it is gentler than scrunching.

Shingling – works great for tighter curls to get extra definition and minimize frizz.

Finger coiling – for extra definition but takes longer time to style.

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