Curly Hair Styles

Everyone in the curly world knows how dreadful it may be to visit a salon for a hair cut.  Each of us has our horror hair stories to tell. Being a curly haired, we rarely have much support at many salons. Either they start selling straightening or smoothening services to us or they would tell you things like “nothing can be done to your hair”, ” the hair cut would not […]

Curly hair Stylists and Salons in India

 Have you ever met a hair stylist who has not suggested that you straighten your hair? All hair stylists I ever went to, before I took charge of my curls, had the same thing to say, why don’t I go for straightening or re-bonding. There would always be a look of disappointment in their eyes after seeing my hair and such disapproval. It would make […]

Hear Hair Here with Avani Yashwin

Everyone loves curly hair, who doesn’t? Curly hair is so playful and full of life that people can’t stop giving you a second look and envy your hair. People with straight hair can get temporary and permanent curls using heat or chemical treatments which are very damaging for hair. Flexi rods are the solution for those of you who long for curly hair without damaging […]

Heatless method of curling hair – using flexi rods

As the summer is coming, our curly hair gets curled up in buns, ponies or anything else to keep the hair away from the neck and face. Here are a few hair styles well suited for summer. Head Scarf up-do: Try this vintage look with a summer monochrome dress. Hair style by Liz Marrow from Delightfully-Tacky. Here is the video tutorial (by Liz Morrow).   Curly […]

Curly hair styles for summer

When you go for a hair cut, what does your hair stylist tell you… “Layers”. What does that means? Are all layering cuts same? Are there a few stylists who tell you, “Ma’m, don’t go for layers. It will add up to your volume and your hair will look poofy”? And why does it look poofy? Do they just skip to tell you or they […]

Layers to manage your mane

Here is an easy and versatile hair style video for curly and wavy hair. You can flaunt it at a party or wear it on a date. Check out the video and see if you still don’t think curly hair is a keeper.   Here is another video showing different hair styles for a casual look. My favorite is the pineapple one. Any kind of […]

Curly and wavy hair updo – Tutorials

The best thing about curly hair is, to make the hair look good, you do not need to posses skills of a hairstylist. All the imperfections are camouflaged by the texture of the hair. You pin up your hair anywhere on your head, it will definitely look good. Seriously I am not joking, just try it your self. The hair style of the day is […]

Curly Hair Style – Twist Tuck Bun

With curly hair, any loose hair-style looks good. Check out this video tutorial for the loose curly hair updo. This is good for second-day hair when you are not getting much of a curl definition. In this video, we use a curling iron to define the curls around the face but if you do not have that, you can use your finger and apply some […]

Curly Hair style – loose updo

Do you think curly hair is boring? You can only keep it open or tie it in a ponytail or with a clutcher. No! So let’s start a series of easy-to-do hair styles for curly hair that you can do by yourself.First style that we look at today is the High Messy Bun. If you have less volume on your head, you can camouflage your […]

Curly hair style – High Messy bun