Commonly used terms & Acronyms

Buff: A tube of lightweight stretchy material that is worn over the head to protect curls at night

Cast: When a styling product/gel is applied to wet hair, it hardens during the drying process thereby forming a cast. You can remove it once hair is completely dry. Scrunch hair to remove gel cast.

Clipping: Using duckbill/prong/jaw clips during the drying process to add volume to the hair

How to use clips to create volume on crown

Clump: Thick fat curls, mostly obtained with the application of conditioner in the shower

Condish: Conditioner

CG Method: Curly girl method.

Co-Wash: Conditioner Washing. Wash hair using conditioner instead of a shampoo.

Low-poo: Sulfate free shampoo. -poo is from shampoo.

Pixie or Pixie Diffusing: Pixie Curl Diffusing Technique

Plop: Watch the video linked in the article below to know how to plop. Plopping removes excess water from your hair and enhances curls. If you have wavy hair then it can help you to enhance curls.

How to Plop

Pineapple: Tie your hair on the top of your head to prevent hair going frizzy during sleep. Use a satin or silk pillow to sleep or wrap a silk or satin scarf or wear a cap made of same fabric.

How to tie hair at night

Pre-poo: Use of oil or other hair treatment before the shampoo.

Scrunch: Grab hold of your hair in your palm and after making a fist, push the hand towards the roots while squeezing hair with your palms (Watch styling routine video below).

Rake-in, Praying Hands, Scrunching, Scrunch & pump, Shingling, Smoothing

All explained in the below video.

Styling Glossary

SOTC: Scrunch out the Crunch. Styling products (especially gels, mousse or curl cream) leave cast on hair. Because of this hair feels crunchy and stiff. To remove this cast scrunch your hair once it is completely dry. After scrunching hair will become soft and bouncy.

Styling Products: Products that we use after wash and leave it on.


ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar, used as a clarifying hair and scalp or as a final rinse (1 tablespoon in 1 Cup water). If using as a final rinse then no need to rinse your hair with water after that. The smell goes away after sometime.

SC – Deep Conditioning

DT – Deep treatment

EO – Essential Oils

EVOO – Extra virgin Olive Oil

EVCO- Extra virgin coconut oil

FSG – Flaxseed Gel (home made)

HG – Holy Grail, mostly referring to a product that you cannot live without. It is so amazing that it gives consistently good results

KCCC – Kinky Curly Curling Custard

KCKT – Kinky Curly Knot Today

LI – Leave-in conditioner

LOC – Layering of products in a specific order to maximize moisture retention (Leave-in, Oil, Cream Styler). Mostly beneficial for high porosity curlies. Other variations are LCO (Leave-in, Cream Styler, Oil) and LOG (Leave-in, Oil, Gel)

PT – Protein Treatment

RO – Rinse-out conditioner

SOTC – Scrunch out the crunch

STC – Squish to Condish