Curly hair products in India

You can find sulfate-and-silicone-free curly hair products available in India listed below. Check out their ingredients, availability online and reviews by clicking the product picture. You can also read product reviews by our Curlies and submit your own reviews to help other Curlies choose the right products for their curls. Click-through the product type to find a product you are searching for. Submit your reviews for the products under the “Our Curlies’ Reviewstab. *If your favorite product is not in the list, drop a mail to

Some of these products have Isopropyl Alcohol and parabens which is mentioned under the relevant product. The reason why products containing Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) are included in the list is because these products have it in minute concentration (less than 1gm in 100gm of product). IPA in that amount does not cause drying effect.
Isopropyl alcohol is avoided in the CG method as it has a drying effect, so we exclude products where it is there in higher concentrations.

*Prices might vary depending on the stores and offers going on.

Khadi Natural Aloevera Gel



Aloe Vera Gels
Average Score: 2 (1 rating)
Cucumber extract results in dryness possibly

The cucumber extract seems to make this a little drying compared to other aloe Vera gels. Came across this product at Happy in the head salon where it is scrunched into hair and used as a styling product. It does not have any hold worth mentioning and the fact that’s it’s drying ensures that this is not on my list

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