Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the CG Method (The Curly Girl Method)?

How to start CG Method (The Curly Girl Method)?

My hair looks good and curly when wet but after drying it is frizzy. How to retain curls for longer?

Curly hair needs styling products after wash to maintain the curl definition and to keep it moisturized. Use a leave-in conditioner after wash to moisturize and make it softer. Use a hold product like a gel to hold the curls in place for longer. Work on your styling technique to reduce frizz after drying. If you don’t see good clumps during styling (in wet) then after drying it will have more frizz.  

Even after using a leave-in conditioner my hair looks dry?

Curly hair is naturally dry hair and it needs constant moisture. Deep condition your hair regularly using a deep conditioners/hair mask treatments or use homemade masks (check the DIY file).  

How to Deep condition

I am following CG routine for quite a long now but still my definition is not good?

You might not be applying the styling products correctly. Watch the curly hair routine videos. Watch carefully and notice things like how wet hair should be while styling, not to touch hair while it is drying. Do not over scrunch as it separates the clumps sometimes.  Watch following videos on styling.

 Styling routine with Ashba Botanics

Hi-Definition Styling – enhance clumps, Minimize Frizz

Styling Routine for Wavy hair

How to detangle curly hair? When I brush my curls do not stay?

We do not brush/comb curl hair when it is dry. When you brush then it separates all the curls and hair becomes frizzy and poofy.  Detangle hair in shower when the conditioner is on hair. Watch the video below for detangling.

How to detangle curly hair

My curls are not as good as others?

Your hair journey and the results depend on from where you start. If your hair is damaged then expect your journey to get the desired longer than people with healthy hair. Do not expect results from a product in only one wash. For many people it can even take a year. Because if your hair is damaged a lot at cuticle level and cortex level damage then you have to wait for your new growth. Meanwhile you can just repair (not reverse) the damage to an extent using products. Do not expect a magical change from a product in a single wash if your hair has too much damage. Follow the healthy hair habits as suggested and you will eventually see results. If your hair is healthy you will see the result as good as in the next wash (as long as you styling with the right technique).

I am facing hair fall after starting CG routine?

This is the major concern after starting CG routine. It might be a misconception in a sense that, when we follow any curly routine, we stop combing our hair every day and only detangle our hair on the wash day. Now, as we shed hair every day so all the hair we have shed is up there because we aren’t combing hair every day to take them out. This accumulated hair is what you see on wash day. Bigger the gap between your wash days, the more hair you will see in the drain on wash day. To make out if I you are having hair fall try to wash the hair next day and then see how much hair you are shedding. We all shed around 50-100 strands a day (it varies for everyone). So, you just imagine how much hair you would see on wash day. Other causes of hair fall could be the health problems like thyroid, low ferritin, low vitamin D, stress, genetics, hormonal like post-pregnancy hair fall etc. Consult a doctor if you notice heavy hair fall. Don’t self-medicate.  

My hair gets very frizzy after drying even when I use a gel and leave-in?

  1. First, either the product you are using does not have enough hold. To increase hold you can mix and match products like use cream along with gel or use two different gels.
  2. You are not styling properly. Work on your styling technique to reduce frizz after drying. If you don’t see good clumps during styling (in wet) then after drying it will have more frizz. You should have minimum frizz while styling.
  3. If you have stopped getting good results with your usual routine and products then it is time to clarify. Do not cowash alone and include a shampoo at least once a week. If you use oils, then a sulfate free shampoo in your routine instead of co-wash.
  4. Weather is too humid. It is usual to get frizz in humid weather.

My crown gets frizzier than the rest of my hair?

My hair gets frizzy the second day?

Second day hair will always be frizzier than first day hair. Refresh hair to moisturize it and to tame the frizz to some extent.  Different refresh methods

Experiment with different products to refresh

  1. Refresh with flax gel.
  2. Mix water and conditioner in palm and then apply with smoothing/praying hand motion. Can add oils to it.
  3. Refresh with a spray bottle (Find different spray recipes in DIY file section)
  4. Kavita’s Method – Run hair under tap water again and then style your hair again with praying hand method using leave-in and gel.
  5. Just try different combination of products as one refresh routine won’t suit all.
  6. Dry refresh – smooth down frizzy strands with products like cream, smoothie etc.
  7. Spray water and then apply small amount of gel.
  8. Spot refresh – only refresh clumps which are too frizzy. Wet the section and reapply the styling product which works for you. Just try using with a cream or a gel.

Work on getting a good curl definition on wash day so that definition can last longer on non-wash days. Sleep on satin/silk pillow or use a silk/satin bonnet to protect curls at night. You can also use a hair buff. These things really work to protect curls.

How to increase volume and overcome flat crown?

Do styling products damage hair?

My hair is damaged and can I reverse the damage?

Hair can get damaged due to chemical treatments and daily grooming habits like using combs, pins and hair bands etc. Once the cuticle layer is damaged, you can’t reverse it, it doesn’t regenerate. The damaged cuticles increase your hair porosity. If you have damaged hair then include protein treatment in your routine. Treat your hair with protein treatment around once in a month. Moisturize hair regularly as your hair is more prone to get dry.

My hair is not damaged but still my hair has high porosity.

Your hair can still be porous if it is not damaged. It is sometimes due to our natural hair texture.  

Remedy for split ends?

Trimming is the only way to get rid of split ends. To prevent them in future, do not comb hair when it is dry as it puts stress on hair strands. Keep your hair well moisturized, don’t use high heat to prevent split ends. Eat healthy to grow stronger hair. Detangle hair gently in shower.  

My hair used to curl better till now but has stopped curling?

It could be because of build up. It can be product build up or hard water build up. Clarify hair using a clarifying shampoo. If clarifying does not work, try a protein treatment. 

Use apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse after shampoo, keep it for 10-15 min. Rinse it and follow with the conditioner to detangle hair.

How much time would it take to get my curls looking like others?

It depends on person to person. Everyone’s curl journey is different. Some people could see the change in as less as a month and for others, it takes many months. The reason that it is taking you a long time could be that you are not using the right product, not deep conditioning regularly, you are not applying styling products properly or you have damaged hair (due to heat or other damaging treatments). 

How often should one wash hair?

It completely depends on your daily routine. If you work out and sweat a lot then you would end up washing it more than others. If you wash hair too frequently then can opt for co-wash instead of a shampoo. But use a shampoo at least once a week to clean the scalp. 

If you extend wash days longer then hair tangles more. Also, you need to moisturize hair between washes using refresh if you extend it longer as water provides hydration to hair.  

What is hair porosity? Which type am I and routine guidelines for low and high porosity hair

What is protein moisture balance. How to know if my hair needs moisture or protein.

How to know if my hair is protein sensitive.

This is the most confusing thing. But I would say that you can only tell after trying if a particular protein does not suit you. There are different types of protein so you can’t put them all in same category and shouldn’t start avoiding all the products containing protein. Low weight protein still can benefit you even if your hair is protein sensitive.
Three types of protein. Low, medium and high weight depending on their molecular size. Low weight is meant to penetrate hair and provides moisture to hair due to their water binding properties. Medium weight is helpful to hair and binds water around hair and slows down the moisture loss. High molecular weight are film formers which are good for high porosity hair. They repair the damage on cuticle layer (repair and not reverse the damage), smoothen it and protect it.
You can identify a protein with its name it will be mentioned as “Hydrolyzed ___ Protein”.
Low molecular weight protein: Silk, Keratin,
Medium molecular weight protein: Soy, Milk, Rice, Keratin, Wheat, Collagen, Pea, Corn
High Low molecular weight protein: Oat, Wheat
Depending on suppliers, protein varies quite a lot. You will see a single protein can be present with different molecular weights. This is because different firms are manufacturing them and their degree of hydrolysis. So, it is very hard to say without trying if a protein will suit you or not.
Also, when you begin your hair jounery, you need to first learn the technique, we use a product and start finding an ingredient and blame it. First always work on the styling technique and work towards getting good clumps. Always remember your curl always tart to curl better with time. Do no expect wonder in one wash, it sometimes takes months for your hair to respond.
Now you can put some of protein talk to rest.

Is protein overload a thing?

You might face protein overload from products that are heavy in protein. For example some products like protein fillers, (like aphogee treatment), Gelatin treatment, and salon treatments meant for very damaged hair usually contain good amount of protein. Use these treatment once in a while followed by moisturizing treatments (containing humectants, oils, conditioning).

Most products containing protein that are meant for regular use contain less amount of protein to replenish your usual protein needs. These product won’t imbalance your moisture and protein balance. Our hair lose protein every time we wash our hair. So you can keep using these products regularly.

How to prevent hair tangles?

Get the regular trimming done to get rid of dry and damaged ends. Damaged ends tangles more. Use a leave-in conditioner after wash or if your hair likes oils use a little amount of oil at the ends to prevent tangles. Do not comb hair when it is dry to remove the knots. Detangle hair in the shower with the conditioner.  

How to protect curls at night during sleeping?

Here are different things that can be used or done to intact curls at night
Use a satin scarf or wear a satin cap
Use a satin/silk pillow to sleep
Put hair in pineapple
Wear a buff (picture below).
How weather affects hair?

Humidity plays an important role in how frizzy our hair would be on a particular day. In rainy season and in summer when weather is humid the hair will be frizzier than normal humid condition. Use a hard hold gel and moisturize your hair with a leave-in to prevent frizz. In winter, you will notice dry hair than summer. Try to include oils in your routine and can try method like LOC method. Use products containing proteins (they also work as a humectant). Flax gel will also work wonder. Smaller to medium proteins penetrate inside and keep it hydrated. Medium to high weight proteins forms films over the hair. All sizes of protein help slow water loss from the hair. So, you can use products containing humectants like glycerin, sorbitol etc combined with proteins, conditioning agents and oils in a product. No matter how is the weather, deep conditioning will always help. Your hair curls more in humid weather than in dry climate when humidity is low.  

Should we avoid products containing Glycerin in high humid weather?

All products are formulated differently. Some products have more of it than other. Some products have glycerin which is part of other ingredients like extract and is in very less concentration. Also, there are many ingredients in a product like film-formers, emollients, oils and butter. You are not using only glycerin. If you see glycerin as the second or third ingredient then it might be in a more concentration. But otherwise you can use products containing glycerin in all types of weather.