Style your hair with one of these three methods and see what works for you. Different methods might work with different products. So, experiment and see which method works with your favorite product. Products Used Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly Things to remember while rinsing off the conditioner in shower and if you style hair with Praying hand/smoothing […]

How to enhance curls while styling – Video Tutorial

Healthy hair starts from the root. Most of us concentrate on making our hair strands look moisturized and healthy and forget about taking care of the scalp. Here are some suggestions that we can follow to keep our scalp clean and healthy. Keep the scalp clean Whenever we shampoo our hair, we apply shampoo on strands and forget the scalp. Best practice when you shampoo […]

Healthy scalp for healthy hair

Today’s thought is: Be realistic and remain happy!!!! Be realistic about your natural curly hair. Set your expectations and feel lucky and happy. Here are some real facts about curly hair that I want to share with you from my experience. 1. Frizz is part of curly hair. You cannot completely keep it at bay. On the first day, you can still manage to get […]

Things to remember when you are curly-haired

I had been thinking about sharing my curl journey through all these years but it took me a long time just to connect my hard drive to the computer to dig out old pics 😀 Below are my before CG pictures. I have been following CG now for past 6-7 years.   The upper left picture is the one when I never knew anything about […]

My Curl Journey

And here is a guest post by our most beloved Curly Girl, Pallavi Juneja. We all adore her dancing curls and can never get enough of it. Pallavi runs The Curious Jalebi, a curly hair care blog. Today we have a chance to know the secrets behind her gorgeous ringlets and her styling routine 🙂 My Styling Routine Each of us know by now that […]

Curly Hair Styling Routine by Pallavi Juneja (The Curious Jalebi)

We Curlies always dread it when we have to go for a hair cut and always try to find a stylist who understands our hair better. Well, to find a stylist is a little easier now, thanks to our Indian Curl Community where we get the first-hand reviews about stylists and products and do not have to rely on limited information online. Today here we […]

An interview with Hair Stylist – Danny from Rock Paper ...

If you follow me closely then you must know how much I stress on deep conditioning hair regularly. Curly hair is naturally dry hair which needs moisture constantly. A good shampoo and conditioner are not enough to keep the hair healthy and moisturized. The most important and key step in curly hair routine is the deep conditioning. Do it at least once in a week […]

How to deep condition hair – Video Tutorial

Learn how to use conditioner in shower to enhance clumps and definition in curly and wavy hair and and how to apply styling products post wash. I made this tutorial because I feel many of you still find it challenging to get clumps and definition while styling. I am sure this tutorial will help you to understand how to use conditioner, when to stop it […]

How to use conditioner to enhance curls – Video Tutorial

I get so many questions regarding frizz on the crown part. Lets see what it is and the root cause behind it. Can we really call it frizz? All of us have short hair on our head. Some of them are new growth and the rest are broken hair. These broken hair come out of the clumped curls and start sticking out by day 2. […]

That frizz on the crown

There are so many different method to style curly & wavy hair. What we expect from a styling method is, maximum definition with less frizz.  If you are looking of such method then one of them is the Rake-In method. Here we have a video tutorial on the Rake-In Method…enjoy!!!! 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 I will wait for your feedback in the comment section below […]

Rake-In Method to Style Curly & Wavy Hair – Video ...