If you follow me closely then you must know how much I stress on deep conditioning hair regularly. Curly hair is naturally dry hair which needs moisture constantly. A good shampoo and conditioner are not enough to keep the hair healthy and moisturized. The most important and key step in curly hair routine is the deep conditioning. Do it at least once in a week […]

How to deep condition hair – Video Tutorial

Learn how to use conditioner in shower to enhance clumps and definition in curly and wavy hair and and how to apply styling products post wash. I made this tutorial because I feel many of you still find it challenging to get clumps and definition while styling. I am sure this tutorial will help you to understand how to use conditioner, when to stop it […]

How to use conditioner to enhance curls – Video Tutorial

And here is my current favorite gel, DevaCurl ultra defining gel!!  Before this, I was using Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee but Biosilk Gelee is no longer CG friendly and the new formulation contains silicone and drying alcohol too…. I just can’t think of any reason …. why? More companies are going silicone-free and they are going in reverse direction ㋡. Anyways after finishing up with […]

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel Review

I get so many questions regarding frizz on the crown part. Lets see what it is and the root cause behind it. Can we really call it frizz? All of us have short hair on our head. Some of them are new growth and the rest are broken hair. These broken hair come out of the clumped curls and start sticking out by day 2. […]

That frizz on the crown

ECO Styler Olive gel is one of the first product that I heard about when I started my CG journey eons ago. But I never thought of giving it a try after seeing its ingredients. It does not have any styling polymer and I prefer products that contain styling polymers. I like to have as few products as possible in my routine at time. So […]

Eco-Styler Olive Gel Review

There are so many different method to style curly & wavy hair. What we expect from a styling method is, maximum definition with less frizz.  If you are looking of such method then one of them is the Rake-In method. Here we have a video tutorial on the Rake-In Method…enjoy!!!! 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 I will wait for your feedback in the comment section below […]

Rake-In Method to Style Curly & Wavy Hair – Video ...

Regular readers must have an idea by now about the importance of using a leave-in conditioner after wash. A leave-in conditioner provides the most important thing our hair always crave for, which is ‘moisture’. Ingredients: Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) fruit powder, Phyllanthus emblica (Amla) fruit powder, Beta Vulgaris (Beet root) extract, Phytosterols, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit (Saw Palmetto) Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf […]

As I am Leave-in Conditioner Review

You must have seen me use the word ‘clumped’ curls many times in my videos and even on the blog. In this post I further clarify what I mean by clumping. As seen below, the pic on the right has my hair in clumps. This is when many hair strands together form a big chunk of curl.   Reason why hair does not form clumps […]

Tips to enhance those clumps

We all know maintaining curly hair on non-wash can be quite troublesome and we always end up tying our hair back or if you are a beginner in curly world then you are tempted to comb or brush your hair. Try out these non-wash day routines to refresh. Products used:  Leave-in Conditioner – Alaffia beautiful curls curl enhancing leave-in conditioner Gel – Fruit of Earth […]

How to refresh curls on non-wash day

Here is another review by Steffy Patick. Don’t forget to check out her review of Nyassa Hibiscus Conditioner as well. Hi ladies, Following CG is more of a discipline for us to tame our tresses. But unfortunately this discipline demands products with limited availability in India. I read many great reviews about the product called kinky curly custard and decided to give it a try. It […]

Kinky Curly Curling Custard Review