Being a CG follower I know how hard it is to get CG friendly products in India. So, I am always on look out for homemade products that we can use to style or hair. ¬†Today I will share with you a homemade styling spray recipe which can be used in place of flax seed gel to provide hold to curls. I had been thinking […]

Natural styling made easy – Orange spray for curly hair

Do you believe that we do not have curly or wavy people in India? People with Curly hair still accept that their hair is curly but it is not the same with people with wavy hair. They keep on living in denial that they have wavy hair and keep combing their hair to make it behave like straight hair. Today we have Swati sharing her […]

Girl with Wurls – Wavy hair routine by Swati

Continuing our series of sharing Indian curly hair routine of our fellow Curlies …Today we have Shubhada sharing her curl story ūüôā Like me, my hair always had a mind of its own. I was always frustrated because of the frizz. I was jealous of¬†the girls around me who had naturally straight hair and in height of desperation, I straightened my hair.¬†Twice. A year after […]

Indian curly hair routine – Shubhada

We all share a¬†common passion,¬†our “curly hair”. Even if our curls might look similar but they¬†react¬†differently to the same¬†routines and products. For some, oiling is must before and after wash but¬†for others the same oil can weight the hair down. Some people swear by applying the products in smoothing motion, for others rake-in method works better. So, lets hear from our curly fellows from our […]

Hear it from the Curlies – Curly hair routine

These days I am high on DIY recipes and I am enjoying trying the new combinations. Many of us use homemade flax seed gel to style our curls and it has become staple in our curly hair routine. The problem that we face with the gel is, it is very slippery and becomes hard to apply thus¬†wasting half of it which goes down the drain. […]

DIY flax seed gel curl cream

It has been a long time since my last post. I have been quite busy for the past few months due to our relocation. Now things have been settled so I will again¬†be¬†a regular here :). Today I will be sharing my DIY recipe for a curl styling cream that we can use to enhance the efficacy of our styling gels available in India. As […]

DIY Curl styling cream

Winter is here and so are the enemies,¬†dryness and frizz. Due to dry weather in¬†winter, your hair need more moisture than other seasons. So, no matter how many times you moisturize your hair it still craves for more moisture than usual. In situations like this, your best bet is the LOC method. What is LOC method or LOG method LOC stands for “leave-in, Oil and […]

LOC method for moisturized curls

Many of you must remember the entry of Livon hair serum in Indian market. I think¬†it was the first product of its kind that was marketed to retail shops besides being¬†available in salons. It claimed to give you shiny hair and make hair detangling easier by providing¬†slip to the hair. Now a days you can find a hair serum from¬†every brand and there are lots […]

Hair Serum – good for you or not?

Many of us face hair fall problem every now and then. There could be many reasons for hair fall including hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, genetics, some medical conditions like thyroid, chemotherapy etc,¬†DHT (Dihydrotestosterone, mostly in cases of male pattern baldness but it can also happen in women). Talk to your doctor first when you feel that the situation is getting out of control so she […]

Essential oils blend for hair growth

¬†Have you ever met a hair stylist who has not suggested that you straighten your hair? All hair stylists I ever went to, before I took charge of my curls, had the same thing to say, why don’t I go for straightening or re-bonding. There would always be a look of disappointment in their eyes after seeing my hair and such disapproval. It would make […]

Hear Hair Here with Avani Yashwin