Curly Hair Products in India

Find sulfate-and-silicone-free curly hair products available in India. Check out their ingredients and availability in online stores and reviews by clicking product picture. You can also read product reviews by our Curlies and submit your own reviews to help other Curlies choose the right products for their curls. Click-through the product type to find a product you are searching for. Submit your reviews for the products under the “Our Curlies Reviewstab. *If your favorite product is not in the list, then please mail to to add.

Some of these products have isopropyl alcohol and parabens which is mentioned under each product. The reason why products containing Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is there in this list is because in these products it is there in very less concentration (less than 1gm in 100gm of product). IPA in that amount does not cause drying effect.
Isopropyl alcohol is avoided in the CG but here we avoid it when it is there in good amount to cause a drying effect.

*The Prices of the products might vary depending on the stores and offers going on.