Welcome 2019! Time to aim for new horizons! And with that, we are thrilled to announce the first curly hair brand of India, Ashba Botanics. Lots of hard work and years of experience put together to create products you will fall in love with ūüôā Sneak a peek into Right Ringlets Range by Ashba Botanics. Be ready to get your hands on it. Stock is […]

Ashba Botanics – First Indian Curly Hair Brand

It’s been a long time since I last posted a video tutorial. Here is how I style my curly hair. This video will show you how water and product combo is necessary to create clumps. This is the mistake many people do when they start any styling routine, hair is not wet enough while styling. I hope this video will help you to understand.  

My Curly Hair Styling Routine – Video Tutorial

I chanced upon a new routine on curl talk (by Naturallycurly.com) for wavy hair type called ‘Scrunch n Pump‘. As per the discussion in the original thread, this method enhances clumps in wavy hair. Here are the steps and a short demo to show how to ‘Scrunch n Pump’ and also check how you can customize this method after the video. Wash your hair with […]

Scrunch n Pump – Styling routine for wavy hair

I have been wanting to try the shingling method for so long but it just takes a bit longer than rake-in. Finally tried it and found it the best so far for my type 3 hair. It resulted in less frizz and the definition lasted longer for me on the following non-wash days. This method will give maximum definition in type 3 hair but I […]

Shingling Method for maximum definition – Video Tutorial

Style your hair with one of these three methods and see what works for you. Different methods might work with different products. So, experiment and see which method works with your favorite product. Products Used Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly Things to remember while rinsing off the conditioner in shower and if you style hair with Praying hand/smoothing […]

How to enhance curls while styling – Video Tutorial

Healthy hair starts from the root. Most of us concentrate on making our hair strands look moisturized and healthy and forget about taking care of the scalp. Here are some suggestions that we can follow to keep our scalp clean and healthy. Keep the scalp clean Whenever we shampoo our hair, we apply shampoo on strands and forget the scalp. Best practice when you shampoo […]

Healthy scalp for healthy hair

Today’s thought is: Be realistic and remain happy!!!! Be realistic about your natural curly hair. Set your expectations and feel lucky and happy. Here are some real facts about curly hair that I want to share with you from my experience. 1. Frizz is part of curly hair. You cannot completely keep it at bay. On the first day, you can still manage to get […]

Things to remember when you are curly-haired

How do you choose your hair products? Do you buy a product¬†because¬†it claims to be natural and herbal? Or because it claims to¬†have a lot of natural ingredients? Or is it infused with some fancy oil to provide shine and strength to hair? Let’s look more closely at these ingredients listed on your product bottle. According to rules and guidelines, ingredients are listed in the […]

Read your product labels – Draw the 1% line