Different curly hair routines, Night routine, Refresh Routine and How to Videos

Tutorials of different styling routines

Main thing you should consider while styling hair is how you can make your hair clumps together. Apply your products in very wet hair instead of damp hair. This is the key to get good clumps in any of the styling routine explained below. Below are different styling routine you can try. Watch videos carefully so that you don’t miss smaller details.

Styling Glossary – for beginners

Below techniques are shown in this video.

Rake -in – helps to spread the product evenly.

Praying hands – enhance clumps

Scrunching – enhance curls for wavy hair during styling (when done in wet hair). Scrunch in completely dry hair to remove gel cast.

Scrunch & Pump – enhance curls for wavy hair during styling. Does not break clumps as it is gentler than scrunching.

Shingling – works great for tighter curls to get extra definition and minimize frizz.

Finger coiling – for extra definition but takes longer time to style.

Styling Routine using Ashba Botanics

Wavy Hair Styling Routine

Remember to work in properly wet hair to get better results. You can use it for curly hair as well if you have less volume. If you have more volume then style in smaller section as suggested in the video for curly hair below.

*Note When you apply gel in this video, you can first absorb excess water gently using a cotton t-shirt and then apply gel in case gel does not get diluted or you need to apply more quantity of gel. . Too much water can affect the hold hold the gel.

Hi-Definition Styling – Enhance clumps & Minimize frizz

This video explains how to style to get extra definition in curly hair, enhance your clumping and minimize frizz. Many important point you should take care during styling to get the desired results.

Complete Curly hair routine from shampoo till drying 

Styling products applied with praying hand/ smoothing method. Before you style using this method make sure that you form good clumps in shower using conditioner. If you see good clumps then apply styling products with praying hands or smooth over.  It also includes how to detangle, scrunch, SOTC (scrunch out the crunch).

How to Deep Condition hair

Squish to Condish Method (STC method)

Best method for wavy hair type to enhance clumps. Also can enhance curls in curly hair type as well. Read the steps first in the article below before watching the video.

Squish To Condish

Shingling Method

Root clipping for volume on crown

LOC Method

One way of applying the styling products in a specific order. Helps to retain moisture longer.


Rake and Shake method


How to shampoo


How to Finger Coiling/Twirling

Takes more time to style.

Finger coiling explained at timestamp 13.10


Drying Methods

How to Plop, Diffuse, Pixie Diffusing and use of Smaster Technique for drying curly hair.


Night Routine

Here are different things that can be used or done to intact curls at night.

Use a satin/silk scarf or wear a satin/silk cap

Use a satin/silk pillow to sleep

Put hair in pineapple


Wear a hair buff (picture below).

Refresh Routines

Different refresh methods


Experiment with different products to refresh

  1. Refresh with flax gel.
  2. Mix water and conditioner in palm and then apply with smoothing/praying hand motion. Can add oils to it.
  3. Refresh with a spray bottle (Find different spray recipes in DIY file section)
  4. Run hair under tap water again and then style your hair again with praying hand method using leave-in and gel.
  5. Just try different combination of products as one refresh routine won’t suit all.
  6. Dry refresh – smooth down frizzy strands with products like cream, smoothie etc.
  7. Spray water and then apply small amount of gel.
  8. Spot refresh – only refresh clumps which are too frizzy. Wet the section and reapply the styling product which works for you. Just try using with a cream or a gel.