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This page is for the beginners who want to start their curly journey. It will help you to get an idea about where to start, I have consolidated all the useful links that will help you to give a head start.

Curly hair is naturally dry hair and all the remedies of curly hair focus on keeping it moisturized. Use homemade hair masks, deep conditioner in market,  oils like coconut oil (cold pressed ones are the best) and conditioners to replenish your hair with moisture. Moisture prevents your hair becoming frizzy and makes it softer and less prone to breakage.  Long story short, moisturized hair is healthy and happy hair. As long as your hair is moisturized, it will look great!

So let’s begin….

1. Start with Curly Girl Method (CG method).

2. How to start curly girl method.

3. When you buy a product, always read product labels to find out if a product is CG friendly or not. Stay away from products containing these ingredients.

4. List of CG friendly products that are available in India.

5. Preferred way is to avoid products that contain sulfates and silicones. But if you are facing hard time to find suitable products, then you should be clear about how to complement products. If you are using silicones then you should use a sulfate shampoo to remove the silicone build up. Most sulfate shampoo also contains silicones in it to provide the conditioning effect on hair so that hair won’t feel dry after using sulfates. So, you should use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to remove any product build up. Here is more information on clarifying.

6. Now comes the main thing – how to apply products on curly hair. The final look that you get depends on how you apply products in curly hair. Here is my step by step routine of applying products on curly hair to get a head full of curls how to style curly hair. You can also watch the video tutorial here.
There are many other methods that I have linked in this article. So try them out and find out which one works for you. Basic idea is to apply products on wet hair.

7. Here are useful links on sulfates and silicones. Read through them so that you have better idea about them.

Silicone in hair care
All about surfactants

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