My experiments with Gelatin

You must have remembered from the Protein and moisture balance post that it is essential to keep your hair balanced with these two. Moisture provides the elasticity to hair which is very important to prevent breakage and protein provides the structure to hold the moisture in. So, these two go hand in hand and it is important for healthy hair that you balance moisture and protein. Ideally, we should moisturize our hair daily by using oils, conditioner, deep conditioning treatments. Unlike moisturizing, protein treatment can be done every 15 days or once in a month depending on the hair. Fine hair or chemical treated hair requires more protein treatment than thick or non-treated hair.

As I told you earlier about the stretch test in Protein and moisture balance post, we can easily find out if our hair is due for protein treatment. Based on that, I made a small video and stretched a single strand of my hair. Here you can see my hair keeps on stretching and finally breaks. So it is time for me to try the gelatin protein treatment. 



Just to note Ideally it should be done on wet hair. I used it on dry hair.


I used store bought unflavored gelatin for protein treatment. I used crown brand, but you can use whatever is available at your local store. It has 5 sachet of 10gm each. I used one sachet for this treatment by mixing it with 1 cup water. Here are the complete instructions to use the homemade gelatin protein treatment. 



Here is what I did
  • Washed my hair with clarifying sulfate shampoo. Used Revlon flex body building shampoo.
  • After rinsing, used a towel to absorb extra water.
  • Then applied the gelatin mix on hair and kept it for around 10mins. Do not disturb your hair after applying gelatin.
  • After 10mins, rinsed my hair with plain water then applied a hair spa. Do not forget to use a deep conditioner after protein treatment to balance the hair.


Here is the result
I really felt the difference after using the treatment. My hair was more bouncy and was curling more as well. Before trying it, I was thinking that my hair would be hard and crunchy after using it. But my hair was feeling very soft and had lots of body. I would really recommend to try this one. There is no picture as it is hard to tell the difference in a picture. It all looks same in pics. Now I planning to do it every month or 15 days to see its long term effects. Will let you guys know. If anyone tries this, keep us updated!

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4 thoughts on “My experiments with Gelatin

  • Asha Barrak

    There is hardly any Manjula, you can try The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
    The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter that are CG friendly. It is hard to find a silicone free deep conditioner. You should also use homemade masks to moisturize hair.

  • Tonia

    I did the gelatin treatment but did not like the way my hair felt afterwards even after deep conditioning. The only protein that works nice with my hair is DIY mask with egg yolk, olive oil and honey. This might work because egg yolk is mostly fats and cholesterol and less protein than whole egg. I also found that it hates wheat protein, it made my hair look like damaged!