How to define curly hair – video tutorial

Posting after a long time. Finally, I managed to make the video tutorial on how to style curly and wavy hair.

Products I used are

Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian kertain and argan oil ultra sleek shampoo
Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner
Homemade flax seed gel

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11 thoughts on “How to define curly hair – video tutorial

  • starshade

    Hi there! Not sure my comments are reaching you. I commented on another post & don't know if it's just waiting for approval. Just discovered your blog & Fb page, it totally rocks! Apart from flaxseed gel, are you using and leave-ins or anything else? Coz I live in Bangalore and humidity is so low right now, that gel alone, even with oil to seal is not working, It's like the air's just sucking moisture from my hair 🙁

  • Asha

    Hi starshade, I don't see any other comment on the blog 🙁
    And thanks for liking my content 🙂
    It will feel weird to you but I use small amount of Giovanni rinse-off conditioners as leave-in. The reason is, leave-in conditioners mostly contain same ingredients as rinse-off. They only differ in their concentration.But I only use silicone free conditioners as leave-in and tried only Giovanni. So what you can do is, mix your silicone free conditioner with water and use it as leave-in. And don't add glycerin or honey in your flax seed gel as you said humidity is very low. We should avoid humectant when humidity is very low or very high.

  • starshade

    Thanks for responding- you have amazingly beautiful hair, I must say 🙂 I made a leave in using my regular cone free condish, though I did add glycerine to it, along with water. I thought it would be Ok since I was also sealing with grapeseed oil after… it's like lately my curls just look stretched out. I had a major shed some months back and the lower half of my hair is really thin, plus my hair is very fine, so anything too heavy also just weighs it down. I'll try the conditioner diluted with water without the other stuff and see how it works.

  • starshade

    Also, I actually found your blog while searching for products for curly hair available here, and wanted to let you know I just picked up the Loreal Smooth Intense conditioner to try out and it doesn't seem to have any cones on it- it's easily available everywhere as well. Was also wondering what you use to co-wash. I go through a massive amount of conditioner and can't imagine using Giovanni for everything! Thanks again!

  • Asha

    Thanks, you are very kind :). IF you are using sealants in the form of oils then I think using glycerin should work. But you can experiment leaving it for few days and see how it turns out. And as you said you are feeling your hair is stretched out then you can think of clarifying your hair with sulfate shampoo (but silicone-free). It might help. This is the thing we should keep experimenting with everything.

  • Asha

    I just checked its ingredients online which are Aqua/water, behentrimonium chloride, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, palm oil, glycerine, hydroxyethylcellulose, hydrolysed silk, argnia spinosa oil, camelina sativa oil, limonene, limolool, benzyl salicylate, benzyl alcohol, citric acid, parfum/fragrance.
    Yes, it is also silicone free. WIll add it to the list. Thanks for letting me know. Also please share you experience. We have one curly girls facebook, if you may want to join.
    I use enliven conditioner for co-wash. Names are mentioned in my list.

  • starshade

    You may be right, I'm probably due for a clarifying wash- though as far as I know I haven't been using cones/mineral oil. But then I realised that some products I use don't have the full ingredient list… I think I need to give this flaxseed oil a try- somehow I never did coz I always felt it would be too heavy, but I'm seeing so many great results with it- esp you!

  • starshade

    Great- will let you know how it is when I start using it. I had forgotten about Enliven. I hardly co-wash anymore coz it made my hair quite limp. And thanks, I did join your FB group y'day, which you approved- my name's Nayantara Karnik there.

  • Preeti

    Hello Asha,

    Absolutely loving every your blog…curly hair can be quiet a problem if your don’t have enough ref material…as off the self products don’t work for our kind of hair.

    Have been using the flaxseed gel with great success. Had a query, last few times the gel has been very lumpy while making it, hence the lumps stick in the hair as well. Guess there’s something wrong am doing. I add honey, vitamin E oil & aloe Vera gel to this. Use one batch of flaxseed to make gel thrice.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Warm Regards,