DIY flax seed gel curl cream

These days I am high on DIY recipes and I am enjoying trying the new combinations. Many of us use homemade flax seed gel to style our curls and it has become staple in our curly hair routine. The problem that we face with the gel is, it is very slippery and becomes hard to apply thus wasting half of it which goes down the drain. Today, I will share my new experiment with flax seed gel which will make the consistency a little better and will enhance its effective to achieve moisturized curls. The recipe is based on my previous curl cream recipe.

DIY curl cream

Flax seed gel curl Cream – Ingredients


2 Tbsp (or 2 part) flax seed gel

1 Tbsp (or 1 part) silicone free conditioner ( I used Giovanni smooth as silk)

1/2 Tbsp jojoba oil (or any other oil of your choice)

1/2 tsp glycerin

Make the flax seed gel following this recipe. Use basic flax seed gel without the added ingredient and mix the above mentioned ingredient and whisk it with a fork properly for 20-30 seconds.  If the flax gel is cold and was stored in the refrigerator then warm it a little bit in the microwave before mixing the ingredients. The ingredients might not mix in the cold gel very well. After mixing it looks like the pic below.

If your flax gel has added ingredients then just mix the conditioner alone. If you want to be more experimental then you can also add aloe vera gel in it. And for extra hold and humid conditioner add 1 tbsp of hard hold gel (alcohol and silicone free) that are available in market. Increase or decrease the oil quantity as you like or you can completely skip it.


DIY curl cream

Flax seed gel curl Cream

How to use: Use it the same way as we use flax seed gel on hair. Wash your hair as usual with sulfate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner. Apply styling cream in smoothing motion (like praying hand position) on wet curls. Leave your hair to air dry. Once hair is completely dry scrunch your hair to get rid of any crunchiness. You can use flax seed curl cream to refresh second day curls as well. To refresh curls use it alone on dry hair or mix some water in it.


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