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We all share a common passion, our “curly hair”. Even if our curls might look similar but they react differently to the same routines and products. For some, oiling is must before and after wash but for others the same oil can weight the hair down. Some people swear by applying the products in smoothing motion, for others rake-in method works better. So, lets hear from our curly fellows from our Indian Curl Pride facebook group about their curly hair routine and what products they like most and their secret recipes that are making their hair better and better.

I have the pleasure to introduce Komal who is sharing her routine here

Komal's curly hair routine & results

I have started using CG method since Sept 2015 and I am more than happy with it. My hair is now longer, softer, shinier and curlier of course and have great definition than before. After reading and experimenting a lot, here is what I have short listed.

  • I pre-poo (before the shampoo) with oils ( cold pressed coconut oil + Extra virgin olive oil + few drops of jasmine oil + cold pressed castor oil) a night before my hair wash day.
  • I deep condition my hair 2 hours prior to hair wash using 1 banana + 1/4 bowl curd. Ans yes, almost before every wash, unless I am rushing.
  • Wash my hair with The body shop rain forest shampoo.
  • I use Shea Mositure Curl and Shine conditioner and alternate it with Shea moisture Deep treatment masque every 4th wash.
  • After wash, I squeeze out excess water with a cotton t-shirt and then finally apply Giovanni Direct leave in conditioner in smoothing motion and a few drops of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).
  • I air dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt and I am done!!!

I repeat the same regime every 5th day unless some social event. I also use satin pillow cover for my pineapple bun at night. You can buy Shea moisture products online from Amazon or may ask your friends and relatives in US to get them for you. I buy Giovanni conditioner from flipkart.

Thanks a lot Komal for taking the initiative to share your routine. I hope all of us can find and copy something thats suits us from routine. For one, your routine inspired me to use the deep conditioner before every hair wash. I would get lazy sometimes, but from now on, I am going to try this. Can’t wait for my next wash!



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