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Continuing our series of sharing Indian curly hair routine of our fellow Curlies …Today we have Shubhada sharing her curl story ūüôā

Like me, my hair always had a mind of its own. I was always frustrated because of the frizz. I was jealous of the girls around me who had naturally straight hair and in height of desperation, I straightened my hair. Twice.

A year after my second hair straightening, I started losing hair at an alarming rate. I went to a salon to get a haircut and for the first time in my life, the hair stylist didn’t sell one of their straightening packages but in fact told me that my hair is reacting to hair straightening chemicals. He told me that curls can look extremely beautiful and I simply need to find the products which suit my hair. That day I went for a big chop and decided never to straighten my hair again.

Indian curly hair routine

Shubhada with her beautiful curls

I searched online and to my surprise found tons of posts and videos on the ‚ÄėCurly Girl‚Äô method where I got¬†to know a lot of things about curly hair. The major things I instantly stopped doing:

  • I stopped combing my hair; only finger detangling.
  • I stopped using shampoos with sulphates i.e. SLS and SLES.
  • I stopped using conditioners with silicones.
  • I stopped using hair serums.

I remember after stepping out from my first hair wash when I switched to curly girl method. Almost every person I came across asked me if I got my hair artificially curled. They were not ready to believe that those were my natural curls. I had my validation.

CG friendly products

Now I try to use products which are natural or have curly-girl friendly chemicals. My weekly routine is:

  • On Tuesday night, I massage my scalp with Amla oil and apply a little on my hair as well. I co-wash¬†every Wednesday using Flex conditioner which is silicone-free.
  • On Saturday night, I apply Coconut oil on my scalp and hair. I shampoo and and deep-condition my hair every Sunday. I shampoo using Himalaya Baby shampoo which is sulphate-free. I shampoo only¬†my scalp not hair. Currently I deep-condition using Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque; this¬†product is really good. My sister bought it when she was in New York. However, Shea Moisture¬†products are quite expensive if you buy online in India, so once that product is finished, I will use¬†my own DIY deep conditioner. (My DIY deep conditioner: equal parts Mayonnaise + thick yogurt.¬†I use original Mayonnaise i.e. not eggless as egg is good for hair.)
  • An important step which has added shine to my hair is cold water rinse at the end of every wash¬†since it closes the hair cuticles and prevents frizz.
  • After every wash, I soak excess water using a cotton t-shirt. I apply few drops olive oil followed¬†by Patanjali Aloe Vera gel on my partially wet hair and then I scrunch them.
  • I tie a satin scarf before sleeping.

Second day routine: If I feel that my hair have lost their curl pattern, then I spray water on my hair and apply a dime sized amount of my regular conditioner followed by Aloe Vera gel.

Third day routine: I simply wear a protective style like a bun or braid.

My hair growth has been very encouraging in the 12 months following my big chop thanks to these steps and a consistent high protein diet. My only problem is keeping hair moisturized since I have high porosity hair so I am constantly searching or experimenting for that.

To all girls who suffer from frizz:

‚ÄúBehind every frizz is a curl waiting to happen.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Lorraine Massey (the original ‚ÄėCurly Girl‚Äô)

Please understand your hair and keep trying till you figure out what works best for you. By the way, now straight-haired girls come to me and say that they are extremely jealous of my hair!


I agree with Shubhada, when we start wearing our natural hair, people around stop believing that these are our natural curls. They always ask have you permed them. Nobody believes that natural curls can look so beautiful. I just hope we spread the awareness around and help other Curlies to get back to their natural self.


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5 thoughts on “Indian curly hair routine – Shubhada

  • Sara

    Mine is also curly hair like you but not as beautiful as yours. I will definitely try this. Including frizz I’ve another problem; hair thinning. I don’t know what to do. Please do recommend some remedies

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Sara, curl definition all depends on how you apply products on hair after wash. Please go through my’wash and style’ post and you will definitely have a good definition. Also, once you start following the CG method then your hair health will improve over time. Just give it a few months and you will definitely see a big change. For hair thinning, you should see a doctor, he would be able to recommend you to get some test done. Hair thinning is happens due to many reason like thyroid problem, stress etc and including genetics.