That frizz on the crown

I get so many questions regarding frizz on the crown part. Lets see what it is and the root cause behind it. Can we really call it frizz?

All of us have short hair on our head. Some of them are new growth and the rest are broken hair. These broken hair come out of the clumped curls and start sticking out by day 2. It is very normal to have that kind of frizz on the crown part. If you have broken hair or new growth then it will definitely start sticking out.


What can we do about it!

If you have experienced any health problem which caused a lot of hair fall or have had postpartum shedding then the shorter hair you see might be new growth rather than broken hair. Only thing that you can do about your existing shorter hair is, wait and have patience, let it grow. There are different measures that you can take so that you can prevent this breakage in the rest of your hair.

Hair breakge and prevention

Some broken hair on top back side

How to prevent Breakage

~ Use a conditioner which has very good slip like Dalan Dolive Reapairing care and Tresemme Undone. If the conditioner has good slip, then there will be less stress on hair and hence less breakage.

~ Keep the  moisture level in check. If your hair is well moisturized then it will have good elasticity and will be able to stretch a bit when there is pressure on the hair while styling and detangling. Use products that do not cause build up so that moisture can penetrate your hair and have good elasticity. Follow the weekly deep conditioning routine.

~ Use a soft hair tie and don’t tie your hair very tight in a ponytail. You must have noticed shorter hair around the region where you tie your hair. I have many short hair on the top back side as I tie my hair quite often because of the hot weather. And do not use metal clip or pins. They also put pressure on the hair shaft and damage it over time. Try tying your hair at different places rather than at one place all the time (I am guilty of doing that 🙂 )

~ Do not use heat or hot styling tools. It damages the cuticle layers and leads to breakage.

~ Sleep on satin or silk pillow so that your hair feel less friction while sleeping and less damage to cuticle layer.

~ Never comb your hair without conditioner when it is wet. When the hair is wet, then it is very fragile so when you comb, it puts pressure on the cuticle layer and damages it. So always use a conditioner before using a comb/brush while styling.

~ Try to detangle hair using fingers instead of a comb. When you detangle with your fingers, then you know how much pressure to put and you have more control and you know where you need to be extra gentle.

~ Keep your thyroid and other health related issue under check. If you have such conditions it directly affects your hair and hair is more brittle and weak.

How to handle it while styling

~ Try the rake-in method while styling your hair so that you can cover these hair with products and settle them along with the rest of the clump.

~ On Non-wash day use a little gel like Kinky curly custard and smooth it over the crown part and kind of comb it down with fingers.




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