How water can damage the hair – Hygral fatigue

Did you ever think it possible that even water can damage your hair? Yes, it does. This is what I am going to talk about today, Hygral fatigue.




When hair is wet, it absorbs water inside the cortex (inside layer of hair under the cuticle), due to which it swells and expands in its size. When hair gets dry, it contracts back to its normal shape. This expansion and contraction process, if frequent, may lead to damage to cuticle and cortex.

Also, when hair is wet, it can stretch more than its usual dry limit which makes it prone to breakage. So we should be extra careful while applying products in wet hair. Comb your hair while it is properly soaked in conditioner.

How we can prevent our hair from the damage caused by Hygral fatigue?

The answer to this is none other than but our Indian staple food for hair – COCONUT OIL.

Yes! look at this study which finds that coconut oil can prevent hair from damage caused by water. In this study, swelling of the hair sample treated with coconut oil was found to be reduced by 48%. Coconut oil has good affinity for hair protein and also, because of its low molecular weight, it can penetrate the hair. This penetration of oil inside the hair reduces the hydrophilicity (property to get attracted to or dissolved by water) of hair protein and hence less swelling of hair due to water.

No points for guessing, you know what you need to do before washing your hair.

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3 thoughts on “How water can damage the hair – Hygral fatigue

  • Avantika

    Hi! I have read that one should wash their hair with warm water since it opens the cuticles and helps absorb moisture. Also, the last rinse should be with the coldest possible water since it closes the hair cuticles. What do you have to say about this? Do you follow this method? Do you think it is wise to follow this method in a tropical country like India were the temperature is too high during summer?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      I do follow the routine of washing hair using warm water and use cold water for the final rinse to rinse off the conditioner. There is no need to use hot water, warm water would do the trick. Warm water helps to clean your scalp better as it opens cuticles and pores on scalp. Cold water helps to close the cuticles and pores down. If you do not like to use warm water, then you can just use it on head only by bending your head down.