Hi-Definition Styling – Enhance clumps, Minimize frizz

This video explains how to style to get extra definition for curly hair, enhance your clumping and minimize frizz.

We will cover the following points.

1. Why do you get more frizz after drying?

2. Why don’t you get good clumps?

3. How to minimize frizz and create extra definition?

4. How can you tell during styling itself if you will get good definition after drying?

5. What happens when you style in damp hair and it is not wet enough?

6. Right way to finger coil (timestamp 13:10)

Water is the base for every styling procedure. That’s why squish-to-condish method works and for many rake-in doesn’t work. As long as your hair is wet enough rake-in also creates clumps.

For wavy hair, please follow the wavy hair routine video. In wavy hair, apply gel with praying hand or scrunch in the gel so that your clumps are not separated.

If your hair does not clump even after following these tips, then the reason could be

1. You are just starting to style hair and you hair is damaged due to past treatments or hair strands have gone through mechanical damage.

2. You have build up on hair either due to products or due to hard water. Clarify hair when your current routine and products stop working. If clarifying doesn’t work then you can try protein treatment. even after following these step.

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