Curly hair style – High Messy bun

Do you think curly hair is boring? You can only keep it open or tie it in a ponytail or with a clutcher. No!
So let’s start a series of easy-to-do hair styles for curly hair that you can do by yourself.First style that we look at today is the High Messy Bun. If you have less volume on your head, you can camouflage your less voluminous hair with this hair style. This hairstyle works great for a casual look on a summery day.


Messy bun (1)


You can check out the instructions at Hair Romance. It is a good resource for various hair styles for all types of hair. You can buy the donut bun padding from Forever21, Claire’s stores or any beauty stores that keep salon supplies. You can buy them from amazon, snapdeal and flipkart as well.

Messy bun1


Messy bun2


Hair donut

Hair Donut Padding

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