9 tips to get volume on the top in curly hair

One thing curly-haired people are blessed with is, even if we have less volume of hair, our curly hair do not let it show. Because of its texture once it is dry, it becomes fluffy enough to give appearance of lots of hair. But sometimes, many of us still face the problem of flat head because of which hair looks like a pyramid shape. And we all agree that is not a pretty sight.

pyramid hair (1)

Here are a few tips using which you can make your hair look voluminous on the top.

  • First of all layers work wonder in curly and wavy hair. It gives fullness, reduce the weight at the ends which results in bouncy and voluminous hair. Look at the above picture, when all your hair is of same length then it looks like pyramid shaped hair. And because of hair weight at the ends, it weighs your hair down. Don’t be afraid to go for it. It is not like earlier times anymore when we would comb our hair and it would poof up and were hard to manage in layers. Now we know how to keep our curls defined. So go for it!!
  • Apply hair products keeping your head upside down.
  • Dry your hair using a blow dryer with diffuse. Dry hair upside down position or alternatively tilting your head on left and then right while lifting your curls from root at the crown area with your fingers of the other hand. Drying with a diffuser will always give you more volume and enhanced curls.
  • once you are done applying the products in hair Plop your hair . Plopping does not work for everybody. So you have to try it to find out for your hair.

pin up hair for volume (1)

  • Put clips in wet hair to lift up the curls at root and keep them there while your hair gets dry. Place the clips as close as possible to the roots. Here is a video on how to insert clips. You can put the clips where ever you see flat spots.
  • Part your hair in the opposite direction to your usual part when it is wet. When hair is almost dry, shift back your hair to create your usual part.
  • Fluff the curls when your hair is completely dry. Flip your head down and insert your fingers into your hair at the crown area. Now shake your hands in the sliding motion to loosen the curls on top.
  • Rub your scalp in small circular motion to loosen the curls at the root.
  • Use a hair pick once hair is dry to lift the hair near root. Watch my Rake-in Method video to see how to use a Hair Pick.

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