Tips to enhance those clumps

You must have seen me use the word ‘clumped’ curls many times in my videos and even on the blog. In this post I further clarify what I mean by clumping. As seen below, the pic on the right has my hair in clumps. This is when many hair strands together form a big chunk of curl.


Reason why hair does not form clumps

There are a few reasons why your hair does not get clumped and looks frizzy without any definition .

  • You brush and comb your hair when it is dry. When you comb or brush your hair, then you separate your curls resulting in frizzy hair shown in pic on the left above.
  • You apply products in damp hair and use less amount of leave-in conditioner or curl cream.
  • The gel you use does not have enough hold to prevent frizz caused by humid environment.


Things you can do to get well clumped hair

Here are a few tips that you can use to enhance your curl definition or to get chunkier curls.

  1. Apply products in wet hair. Wet hair naturally stick to each other and forms clumped curls and waves. So always apply products in wet hair to get the best curl definition.
  2. Use a leave-in conditioner after wash. If you prefer to apply products in damp hair instead of soaking wet hair then use leave-in conditioner generously so that the conditioner can help to keep those clumps together.
  3. If you use smoothing method to apply products on hair and use less of leave-in conditioner then do not separate curls after you rinse off your conditioner in shower. Because during the shower conditioner creates clumps in hair. So, apply leave-in conditioner in smoothing motion without separating your curls as I have shown in my curly hair routine video.  If you follow the rake-in method, then better use sufficient amount of leave-in conditioner to create clumps again.
  4. Use Flax Seed Gel and  Aloe Vera Gel. Flax seed gel has lots of water content so due to its consistency it really does a good job in keeping the hair strands together. The same is true for aloe vera gel. Both of these also work well on separated hair on non-wash days.
  5. Other products that you can try are curling custards like Kinky Curly Curling Custard, MopTop Curly Hair Custard, AS I AM Curling Jelly and ECO Styler Olive Oil Gel. All these have a good consistency to form clumps but these do not contain styling polymers so they do not work that great in high humidity. Top them up with hard hold gels like Giovanni LA natural or Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel etc. 
  6. Last thing is to preserve the curls for longer. As said above, if you are living in high humidity or face a hard time in keeping those waves intact, then go for strong hold gels.
  7. Do not separate your curls. Do not brush or comb your hair once you get those nice clumps. Let your hair dry without touching and scrunch it once your hair is completely dry to remove the gel cast.
  8. Squish to Condish method of applying conditioner on hair also helps in getting chunky clumps.
  9.  Best of luck! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Tips to enhance those clumps

  • Nishath

    After your blogs i have decided to grow my straightened hair back to its natural 3b curls. I follow all your tips n procedures, but i always end up having frizz on the top. I use flax seed gel. But i dont want to invest more on these products as i have half straight at the bottom and its almost impossible to go with full fledge curls. Give me few tips as i dont want to chop all the staright ends yet.
    Thank you for making me like my curls again ❤

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Nishath, use leave-in conditioner as well before the flax gel. Flax gel does not have very lasting hold and does not provide that much hold in humid environment. You have to go for stronger better hold product. You can try giovanni gel along with flax gel.