How to get second-day curls

The biggest problem with curly hair is how to make the curls last longer. Our hair looks fabulous on first day after wash. But after the first night, you wake up with frizzy, mashed up curls. I will show you how you can refresh your curls the second day. Be realistic, the second day curls never look as frizz-free as they look on first day after wash. I feel a little bit of frizz just looks fine with curly hair.

Pinapple hair

Pinapple hair at night

Sleep with your hair up: Tie your hair on the top of the head like a pineapple or if your hair is too short, then wrap around a silky scarf to preserve the curls while you sleep.


After pinapple

Second day hair before refreshing




Spray to refresh: If you are a curly-haired girl, then one of the key things that you should have is a spray bottle. Make a spray mist to refresh your curls the next day morning. You need the following things to make this spray and fill it in the bottle and spray it on your hair to refresh second day curls.

1. 2 part water
2. 1 part any silicone-free rinse off conditioner


Optional things that you can add are:


1. 1 tbsp aloe vera juice. You can buy aloe vera juice from any chemist. But make sure it is edible grade and should not contain sugar and has 99% aloe juice. Meaning pure aloe juice that is preserved using preservatives.
2. 4-5 drops lavender essential oil.
3. If you need some more hold, you can add small amount of your styling gel in the mix.


Reshape hair strands1
Give it some shape: If some hair strands are too frizzy, then apply small amount of the mixture and using your fingers apply it on hair strands and twirl it around your fingers to bring it to the curly shape.


Second day hair1

Second day hair after using spray

Leave it to dry: Leave your hair to air-dry. If you feel some crunchiness after it is completely dry, then scrunch your hair to get rid of crunchiness. And voila! your second day refreshed curls.

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26 thoughts on “How to get second-day curls

  • Asha

    Yes Deepthi, you can use aloe gel and leave-in conditioner instead. If you are using leave-in conditioner then you can decrease the water quantity as mostly leave-in conditioners are watered down version of rinse-off conditioners. You spray it on hair strands and not on scalp so it should not lead to hair fall.

  • Surabhi

    I tried it with olive oil and aloe and it weighed my hair down and made it greasy! Do you have a leave in in mind? My hair is waist length but not as defined as yours so I need regular styling

  • Asha

    You can try using cold pressed flax seed oil. It is lighter than olive oil and coconut oil. Or you can use water and conditioner mix. Also, If you use flax seed gel then you can use it on second day hair as well. You can use it directly on dry hair. It does provide good definition.

  • Nisha

    Nice article Asha! One question – I typically refresh my curls but run out of time in the morning. As I rush to office with wet hair, what can I do to protect my hair/contain frizz? Any tips for travelling in autos/local trains/buses with hair that’s not completely dry?

  • Darshanaa

    Hi !! I have the same 3a curls as u. But a little more voluminous. I chemically straightened my hair twice and after a lot of hair fall and mental agony over root touch ups, here i am, at my transition phase waiting patiently for the curls to grow out so i can go for the big chop and say good bye to boring poker straight hair once and for all. This blog is the best among indian curly hair blogs and to see a fellow indian with similar hair as mine is so refreshing. You are the reason i decided to embrace curls again. Thank u so much for your suggestions among products available in india. I always thought products for curly hair are expensive. Keep up ur good work and inspire more girls to go au naturelle. I have a question. How to care for curly hair and enjoy naturally beautiful ringlets during a vacation? What with long flight travel hours and restrictions in packing in too many products? How to prevent curls going flat from sitting during long travel. And what to do during visits to beaches or falls? It would be useful if u upload a post on it. Thank u so much 🙂 good day !!

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Thanks a lot Darshanaa!!! This means a lot to me :). I will surely write an article on this topic soon. When I travel, I only carry my shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and hold product. You can even buy travel size empty bottles and fill the products in them to carry. During beach vacation I prefer to use store bought gel or curl cream as these work better in humid conditions. During flights, I don’t do any particular thing for hair. I have not noticed my hair going flat. May be next time I will pay more attention 🙂

  • Akanjali89

    Hii asha ..thanks for great info ..I always try to figure out how to refresh curly hair but never succeeded .:-( even I try this spray mist version , it makes my hair dry when hair dries out ..should I use oil after use of spray to retain moisture but when I use oil it makes my hair greasy ..I have low porosity hair so how to refresh my hair so it doesn’t make dry and greasy ..

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Hi Anjali, what you can try is soak hair more with water in your palm as your hair is low porosity (not like when we wash but still a little wet) and then apply leave-in conditioner. You can then apply little gel or hold product. Try this one and let me know how it works 🙂

      • Anjali Khandelwal

        Thanks to answer my all questions are such a great advisor to me .:-) I have tried this method it works well ..but I do slightly changes . I use lukewarm water and spray bottle for easy application ..lukewarm water to open cuticle..this method works well and now my hair is moisturized not dry ..thanks a lot 😀

  • Sneha

    Hi Asha,
    Your curly hair looks amazing.Till now curly hair maintenance has just been a nightmare for me.After going through your blog I’ve how to embrace my curls.Thank you so much for such wonderful suggestions. I’ve a question to ask,Is it OK if i use flax seed gel to maintain my curls on the second and third day like how you did after washing your hair?

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Thank you Sneha!! You can definitely use the gel any number of time as it is all natural and homemade. As long as you are getting good result after using it on second or third day it should be fine.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Hi Sneha, It depends on the sweat level. If you are too sweaty after the work out then I would suggest you to wash your hair with conditioner. If you plan not to wash hair after the work out then use a little conditioner to remove the frizz. Schedule your work out depending on your wash day. On wash day you might want to go for light work out so that you do not sweat so much and you can still have second day hair. Also, you can work out on evenings so that you can wash your hair at night and ready to go out in the morning. You can try plopping your hair overnight if it works for you. Tie your hair in a bun if you have longer hair or a high pony tail during workout. With work out sometimes you can still have second day hair but it is hard to get 3rd or 4th day hair. You have to wash it due to heavy sweating.

  • Bhawna Gupta

    Hi Dear…Just joined your page…I too have curly hair..But very frizzy and limp…pls suggest good shampoo and conditioner.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Hi Bhawna, you can refer to the products list on the home page. As all products work differently for everyone. You can refer to other people’s post in the group and see which are popular products among curlies.

  • Suvidha

    Hello Asha,
    Can u pls help me when to use Cantu shea butter(moisturizing curl activator cream). Immediately after conditioner on Wet hair or on dry hair

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Suvidha, there are many ways to use a product. If you are using it for refreshing then you can mix it in water and spray. As per reviews in the group it is thick product so might not work as for dry refresh but you can try.