My Deva cut experience

Recently I went on a trip to the US. I had only one plan in mind, guess what 🙂 , to buy as many hair-care products as I could stuff in my luggage 😛 . Roaming the streets of NY while visiting a friend, I wondered why I wasn’t thinking of getting the Deva Cut right there at their flagship Deva Chan salon.

What is Deva cut

For those who don’t know about ‘The Deva Cut’, it is a revolutionary technique of cutting hair designed for all types of curls. This method of cutting hair was developed by Lorraine Massey, author-Curly Girl Handbook and co-owner of Deva Chan salon.

It is a unique dry-cutting method in which hair is cut curl by curl in its natural state unlike the traditional way of cutting hair (wet hair first and then comb it while cutting).  The theory behind this method is, every curl has its own bounce factor. Wet curly hair looks longer than when it is dry.  Not all curls have the same shrinkage so you cant be sure about the length while cutting. Second thing is, you wont know where your curls will fall after drying. So, Deva cut is the method to cut curly hair in its natural dry state. You are advised to come to the salon wearing your natural curls the way you wear them everyday.

My experience

I was not planning to get the hair cut and not really in need to get one. I visited the Deva Chan Soho branch and did not take an appointment. I could not research about all the stylist there. I walked in and my first experience was with a dour receptionist. Thankfully I had to deal with her only for a few minutes.  But luckily she was able to fit me in an available slot with Jackie. After a few minutes of wait, I was called in. This was the first time I was seeing so many Curlies in real at the same place :).

Deva cut

Needed layers on my left

We started with the consultation. I told Jackie what I needed. I wanted to keep my current length and wanted some bounce on the top part especially on the left side of my hair which I explained to her. After the consultation she started cutting my hair dry, curl by curl making changes here and there.  Once she was done with the cut I was sent to hair washing.


I met Ebriel at the washing chair. She was very gentle while handling hair. We had a good conversation about how we manage our curly hair in India. The place I was staying in US had hard water so she suggested to wash hair with shampoo first. After shampoo, she used Deva Curl One Condition and started detangling hair.  My hair was very dry that day and was in a bad state due to wind, hard water and cold weather, so she deep conditioned my hair with DevaCurl Heaven in Hair.

The one thing that I noticed is while doing deep conditioning she was smoothening my hair section my section with her fingers like in the clip below. Showing it as below.


smoothening in smaller sections

After the wash it was time to style which was done by Ebriel,  a little amount of Deva Curl one condition was applied with rake-in motion. And then Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel in scrunching motion was used to provide hold. I told her about small hair on my crown area so she again smooth over some section (the same way in the clip above, in smaller sections rather than big section which I follow after wash) ) on the top with small amount of gel.


Then she inserted clips on the crown area near the scalp to lift up the hair for more volume. Later on, I sat under a hooded dryer till my hair was completely dry.

img-20161010-wa0005Once my hair was 100% dry then she scrunched my hair to remove the gel cast and fluffed it for more volume. Then I was on the chair again with Jackie. She gave the final few touches to cut some ends.

Here is how my hair looked right after.


For me it was not a transformation as such as I only needed some layers on top. My hair from the previous hair cut (inverted bob) had grown a bit.  I knew what I needed, thanks to my previous stylist Avani Yashwin (Happy in the Head), the first hair cut I had with her made me realized a good hair cut indeed matters in curly hair. Earlier I used to think no matter what the hair cut is, it does not show up in curly hair and all looks same. Because of that hair cut I started paying attention where in my hair I need some bounce and layers. So, I told the same thing to the stylist at Deva Chan salon.


Things I did not like, First thing was obviously the price. This is the premium flagship salon and the price reflects that. Depending on the stylist the hair cut price varies and starts from 100+ US dollars. Another thing was the way my hair was looking after styling. When I style my hair I get tighter curls as you can compare in the picture above. The reason behind that could be smoothening done during deep conditioning and styling on smaller sections. Both these things made the curls bigger. But it could be a good thing for those who are looking to make their curls loose.

Do I recommend to go there – It is indeed very expensive to get the hair cut done at least from their flagship salon. For my hair cut, I felt that it was not cheap given the fact that I knew what I needed to get done. But I did not have any complaints about the hair cut done. She did a really great job and it was exactly what I was looking for. No weird angles anywhere on my head :).

If you already know your hair, know the CG method and are comfortable in using different products, or in other words you know how to style curly hair and get the defined curls and have an idea what changes you need in your hair then you should try other salons based on their reviews. For those who are not aware about the CG method, are not aware about how to style curly hair and not very comfortable about what to ask the stylist and which hair cut to go for,  then getting the Deva Cut makes a lot of sense.

You can notice the length of layers in the picture below with the length in the ‘before’ picture above.

Deva cut

This was how my hair looked after 10 days of hair cut.





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