My Curl Journey

I had been thinking about sharing my curl journey through all these years but it took me a long time just to connect my hard drive to the computer to dig out old pics 😀

Below are my before CG pictures. I have been following CG now for past 6-7 years.


The upper left picture is the one when I never knew anything about the curly world. This was how I would keep my hair till my mid 20s. My story is no different than other Curlies when we did not have information about how to take care of curls.

The middle one is when I started following some curly routine without paying any attention to the products I was using (non-CG products). My curl pattern was kind of 3a then (not much visible in this pic). It was before my marriage and kids.

Upper right was during my first pregnancy and my hair turned wavy then. I was not following CG then.

My hair has changed quite a lot during these year. It had gone through hormonal changes due to pregnancies, postpartum hair fall twice, have gone through all the hair issues due to hypothyroidism (which is at the normal level now after regular medication).

All I can say from my experience of the Curly Girl Method is, it really enhanced my curls over the years. My hair is now more of 3c (some 3b as well).

Following CG was the best decision I could have taken for my hair!! 🙂 🙂



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4 thoughts on “My Curl Journey

  • Gowthami

    Woww that’s an awesome transformation,I also had a similar hair was a complete huge dry frizzy mess.i couldn’t understand my hair was curly until I came across this CGM.harming my hair with smoothening or any other chemical treatment is the last thing on earth i would do,but still I was sooo frustrated with my hair,that I still am thinking about some smoothening or softening procedure which is least chemical. but then I started following the method also to be frank,it wasn’t much of a use ,it didn’t help me much.did a looootttt of research,started using these so called sulfate free cg friendly products for almost 6months for now,and let me tell you, now I’m tired of switching all the expensive products including devacurl and still experimenting because nothing has worked for me.i wonder am i the only one,bcz i daily come across such wonderful transformations after cg
    and why doesnt anything work on my hair?iknow it’s going too long,but I dessssperately need your help.dont know what’s going wrong,or maybe I’m still not able to completely understand my hair and which type of products it likes.pleaseeee help,I don’t hate curly hair but I just want it to look good,moisturized,frizz free and manageable.

    • Asha Barrak Post author

      Gowthami it takes sometime to see the transformation. Also, deep conditioning is a very crucial part in the whole routine. We do not always go for the most expensive products. If you are in US there are many economical brands which work just fine. Price is mostly related to brand name rather than product’s effectiveness.