Curly Hair Routines

Everyone loves curly hair, who doesn’t? Curly hair is so playful and full of life that people can’t stop giving you a second look and envy your hair. People with straight hair can get temporary and permanent curls using heat or chemical treatments which are very damaging for hair. Flexi rods are the solution for those of you who long for curly hair without damaging […]

Heatless method of curling hair – using flexi rods

The biggest problem with curly hair is how to make the curls last longer. Our hair looks fabulous on first day after wash. But after the first night, you wake up with frizzy, mashed up curls. I will show you how you can refresh your curls the second day. Be realistic, the second day curls never look as frizz-free as they look on first day […]

How to get second-day curls

Today I tried the twirling method on my hair. Although it is a bit time-consuming (took me 15 minutes to twirl) but the results are very much worth the effort. I followed the twirling method in the video from SunKissAlba below. The products I used are: Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian keratin and argan oil ultra sleek shampoo Giovanni 2Chic Brazilian keratin and argan oil ultra sleek […]

Twirling method experiment (Day1 and day2 pics)

A very good look for any curly hair girl is when the hair clumps together to form chunkier curls which results in curl definition. There are two methods for getting the clumps. These methods are invented by not any hair experts but the people like us who fight every day to make their curls look better.     Super-Soaker Method The Super-Soaker method is a […]

Get those clumps – Super soaker method

Along with last week’s post to define curly hair, here are a few more tips that I want to share for wavy hair. The amount of conditioner depends on the properties of hair like coarse/fine and dry/normal/oily.  If you have fine hair and normal/oily waves, then you should use small amount of light conditioner (or skip it entirely if you feel your hair is oily). […]

How to do it Revisited (for wavy hair)